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Treat Yourself to Dry Bar Blowouts

Even though it’s typical to only get your hair done when you have an event in mind, there is no one stopping you from treating yourself. For $40, you can get a beautiful blowout with complimentary drinks in the iconic hair salon. Honestly, there is no better feeling than getting your hair washed and that post-glam look. Afterward, you can turn your day into the event you styled for with brunch and shopping. 

Go to the Lip Lab by Bite

The Lip Lab by Bite in Soho is a unique experience with the perfect setting for quality girl time. Make an appointment beforehand, and for $50 you get one-on-one crafting with a Bite Lip Lab artist to customize your perfect lipstick. You are giving a range of powder colors and can test and check until you reach your ideal shade. The experience also comes with a complimentary lip treatment. 

The $15 Target Date Challenge

The $15 Target date challenge is when you and your best friend split up at Target and have a $15 budget to buy the other anything you think they would like. In the end, you exchange your gifts. It’s a simple idea but packed with thoughtfulness. Also, it stops you from accidentally buying $200 worth of pointless items for yourself, as one usually does at Target! 

MOTH Story Slam

No matter what point you are at in life, storytelling will always be intriguing. The MOTH Story Slam is an evening of storytelling by strangers from all around the world that all share the same topic. Podcasts and story times are a huge hit on Youtube, and this event brings those to life. It’s something you might not think to do with your gal pals, but you will definitely enjoy the unique atmosphere. 



Ciara Coyle

Manhattan '22

Ciara is a ChemE with a Concentration in Cosmetics in Manhattan College's Class of 2022. She's a millennial pink enthusiast who loves everything shopping and photography!
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