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Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
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Daisy Jones and The Six Series Review

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By Mackenzie Boyce

On March 3, 2023, Prime Video released the first four episodes of the limited series, “Daisy Jones and the Six.” Based on the best-selling novel by author Taylor Jenkins Reid, viewers can watch the story of a band in the seventies who rise to fame. The ins and outs of rock and roll are put on full display, showing the relationships, friendships, drama, hardships and of course, music. The show released two new episodes every Friday in March and has seemingly taken social media, specifically TikTok, by storm.

The series begins by following two separate storylines, that of Daisy Jones (Riley Keough), and also The Six, made up of Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin), Karen Sirko (Suki Waterhouse), Graham Dunne (Will Harrison), Warren Rhodes (Sebastian Chacon), Eddie Roundtree (Josh Whitehouse) and honorary member, Camila Alvarez (Camila Marrone). They eventually come together to create one of the biggest bands in the country, but not without bumps in the road. While they may appear to be perfect to their outside audience, they finally tell about their heartbreaks, addictions, broken relationships and most importantly, reasons for suddenly playing their final show.

The cast is part of the reason the show has been so successful. Riley Keough and Sam Claflin are able to become Daisy and Billy, physically and emotionally encapsulating the characters. When reading the novel, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone would truly be able to embody the free spirit and beauty that is Daisy Jones, and Riley Keough does just that.

The series also has ten episodes, allowing the writers to follow the original novel closely, and ensure important scenes are all able to be included. While there are some minor changes, like Chuck Williams becoming a dentist, most of the script follows Reid’s material. The show perfectly brings to life the world Reid created. While I do wish we were given important conversations, like Camila and Daisy’s at the end of the novel, the overall story is not changed.

Now, let’s talk about the soundtrack. While some people have critiqued the fact that the show changed the titles and lyrics of the songs from the novel, I think they perfectly create the sound that makes the band so perfect. The album from the show, “Aurora,” is available on Spotify, and is already working its way up to some of my most listened-to songs. You can even purchase their album on vinyl for those of you who collect them! “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)” is trending all over TikTok, and some people are even discussing a possible real-life tour for the band. I know Daisy Jones and the Six definitely will be one of my top artists this month.

While many book-to-screen adaptations fail to do the novel justice, “Daisy Jones and The Six” successfully brings the story to life. This was one of my most anticipated shows of the year, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. 

Mackenzie Boyce

Manhattan '24

Mackenzie is the Senior Editor for Her Campus at Manhattan, and loves being able to read and edit the chapter’s articles before they are published. Mackenzie is a senior at Manhattan College studying childhood and special education with concentrations in English and French. She is originally from Connecticut but loves having the opportunity to live in NYC for school. Mackenzie is also a member of the sorority Sigma Delta Tau on campus. She is also part of the education honors society, Kappa Delta Pi, and French honors society, Pi Delta Phi. She is also an admissions ambassador and can be spotted around campus giving tours to incoming students. She is also currently completing her student teaching this semester in fifth and first-grade classrooms at a local Bronx elementary school. Mackenzie loves having the ability to use writing as an outlet, whether that means writing about fashion, music, pop culture, or mental health. She is so thankful to have found a home with Her Campus at Manhattan and hopes anyone reading can gain knowledge or inspiration from her work.