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By Samantha Keating

Hearing the term “Big Bootie Mix” for the first time is fairly confusing. Not only is the name vague but also fairly misleading. The Big Bootie Mix is actually an hour-long mash-up of songs from different decades, genres and levels of popularity. It originated in 2013 from “Two Friends” and has gained mass popularity ever since.

The mixes are pieced together so seamlessly it is pure serotonin to avid partygoers ears. As of two weeks ago, the twentieth volume has been released and if you have gone to any college setting with drinking around, you have probably heard it. There are multiple possibilities why college students love the mix so deeply. A huge reason is probably because of its convenience, many students serve as a dj for parties so playing the sixty minute mix eases the frustration of having to sit and choose songs. Plus, the songs within the mix already perfectly fit into one another so it sounds amazing without the person on aux having to do any work. Another reason college students love Big Bootie Mix is the choice of songs. The mixes typically have a great but unexpected selection that works so perfectly together. Overall, college students love Big Bootie Mix because of the incredible vibes that come with the mix. Many associate a particular mix with a favorite memory or place to party and the feelings that come with it. It is very hard to listen to the mix and not feel tremendous joy and appreciation for your youth.

Make sure to listen to the twentieth volume of Big Booty Mix with your friends and enjoy the great vibes that come with it!

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

Sophomore at Manhattan College studying elementary and special education with an English concentration!
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