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By Alicia Bartolotta

A typical college lifestyle can get very expensive. Whether it be needing money to pay for college, buy textbooks and food, or needing money to go out with friends, college students are always looking for an opportunity to make a few bucks. So to support this lifestyle, most college students decide to add a job to their busy schedule. Here are some of the best jobs for college students.

One of the most typical and best jobs for college students is being a tutor. This is a great job if you have a passion for teaching or excel in an academic area. I’ve been a tutor for both college and elementary school students and both times it was great to work with flexible hours! Here at Manhattan College, you can tutor any class you get at least an A minus in at the Center for Academic Success and they hold interviews at the end of every semester.   

Another great job for college students is to become a tour guide for your school. Schools are always trying to get new students and tours are a great way to do so, meaning they also want new guides to show them why they should come to your school. Since you already go there and know the school, this is a perfect way to make money and get a good experience.   

The next job that’s great for college students is becoming a barista at your local coffee shop. There are tons of coffee houses, chains or small businesses in college towns so this is a great job to have, especially if you love coffee. If you end up working at a Starbucks or Dunkin, depending on your store, there is a chance you can transfer to a store in your town when school ends, so this is a great job that can last you a long time 

If your school has intramural teams, becoming a referee for games is another great work opportunity. In this job, you would attend games, call fouls and plays and keep score. The games are typically at night so if you have a busy schedule during the day, this is the perfect job for you. 

The final job I want to mention is becoming a delivery person for any delivery app like Uber eats or Doordash! This entails picking up orders from local restaurants or fast food places and delivering them. Most delivery people travel by car, but there is also the option to travel by bike or on foot if that’s more convenient for you. The best thing about this jobis that you make your own schedule. You can do as many or as few deliveries a day and as long as when you accept one you deliver it, there are no repercussions. 

Working during college not only gives you funds to support the college lifestyle, but also gives you great experiences and knowledge you can use later in life. I hope this article gave you an idea of where to work during your college years! 

Hello, my name is Alicia and I am a sophomore at Manhattan College. My interests include writing(obviously), coffee, and reality television. Hope you like my work!