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Let’s talk back to school bags! I love shopping and I love buying supplies for school, especially backpacks. Throughout my school week, I switch between bags so sometimes I have my backpack on and sometimes I rep my Sigma Delta Tau tote bag. There are so many options for bags ranging from expensive to less expensive. So first I start with my backpack that I love and use now. 


  • New Crew Backpack 22L – This bag is from Lululemon and is $98. This bag comes in a range of colors but most of my past backpacks have been black just cause I find it easier to clean and use for longer.  This backpack is also great because it’s the vinyl material and not fabric. So it is easy to clean and the rain bounces off of it. 
  • Nike Sportswear RPM – This bag is from Nike and is $92. I like the look of this backpack and it is very spacious. This was the bag I used from freshman year to my first year here. It carried all my books and gym clothes too. 
  • ​​Herschel Classic Backpack XL – this bag is from Herschel and is $65. I like this bag’s computer padding. I definitely trust it to keep my stuff safe. I would say there is a lack of room and pockets but other than that it’s a great bag. I would recommend this backpack if you don’t have much to carry around.   
  • And I don’t think I could write this article without including the amazing Amazon. They have a range of prices for backpacks and tote bags with great reviews, which is important. 


For totes, I would recommend getting one from Amazon and DIYing it to be cute. I feel like a tote bag is just good to have for school or not. Take a book on the subway, and have a cute little tote! Just get a plan one and either paint, add some letters to it, and maybe a few pins. But for those who aren’t DIY queens, I have some recommendations for you too! 

  • Everyday ToteThis bag is from Gymshark and is $36.  This is a bigger bag but I think it is cute! I think this could definitely be good for commuters who may need to carry a lot but not have a backpack. 
  • Daily Multi-Pocket Canvas Tote Bag 20L – This bag is from Lululemon and is $68. If you are a Lulu girl like myself, but not a backpack fan this is definitely for you. They have a bunch of color options and have a big pocket and outside pockets too. 
  • Vertical Open Tote– This bag is from Carhart and is $40. This bag is on the smaller side but a great option. It has pockets made for a calculator and pencils. I think this bag would be great to carry a computer, notebooks, and a planner. 
Brooke Hill

Manhattan '26

Brooke Hill is a sophomore with a major in communication with a sports broadcasting concentration. She is a writer for Her Campus. This is her first semester writing. She hopes to cover a variety of topics that speak to everyone. She is a part of the ESPN broadcasting crew for our sports games and is also in the sorority Sigma Delta Tau. She would also like to cover the games and Greek life. Brooke loves the gym, fashion, advice, and covering mental health. She hopes you enjoy reading!