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Girl On Rooftop Nyc
Girl On Rooftop Nyc
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New York City is known for its on-the-go atmosphere, career-driven mindsets, and people being in their own world. Quite often you find people on their phones, earbuds in, and not willing to strike up a conversation. Seeing somebody on the subway but finding them unapproachable can be discouraging if you even want to try. If you don’t click with someone instantly, it can be difficult to make a good connection. So where does that leave room for meeting new people and dating? 

No matter what the situation is, whether it’s the fact that nobody catches your eye at school, you’re choosing to focus on yourself, or you know that your workplace is not the place to look for a relationship, there’s no need to worry!

The good news is, among all the hustle and bustle of the city, it is common to enjoy activities alone. Nobody will bat an eye when they see you in a store or walking the streets by yourself. Appreciate solitude by enjoying a scenic walk through Central Park, trying a new coffee shop, or even treating yourself to a shopping spree. Venturing in the city alone allows you to be free and be whoever you want. Try a new style or visit a different part of the city you’ve never been to before. There is so much room for opportunity and new experiences you may have been closed off to before. You have the opportunity to wander around aimlessly, have a spontaneous day, or finally book those plans without having to rely on other people. Visit museums like The Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Natural History, and even The Museum of Ice Cream! Sometimes all it takes is one self-adventure to find a new favorite thing in the city. 

Not only does living a single life give you quality time with yourself, but more time with your besties too! It’s always a fun time to have a girl’s night out! This fall season, Hudson Yards is hosting free movie nights. With movies from What a Girl Wants to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it’s perfect for you and all your friends! Free concerts take place here as well, another perfect opportunity to sing and dance your heart out with your girls. Shopping in SoHo is also high up on the list of things to do with your besties. You can never have too many clothes!

Being single is exciting and adventurous but if you are looking for love this season, there are plenty of ways to have fun with it! Have a mutual friend play matchmaker, volunteer for a blind date or try your luck with online dating sites!

In New York City, there is always an illusion that you are part of a group. A performance breaks out into the subway and you share a look or a smile with a stranger. It gives the comfort of knowing even when you’re by yourself, you never are alone.

Lauren Rosenberg

Manhattan '26

My name is Lauren Rosenberg and I am a sophomore exercise science major at Manhattan College! My goal is to become a sports nutritionist; food and sports are some of my favorite things. I also enjoy going to concerts, going on adventures and hanging out with friends!