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Attending in-person classes during a global pandemic is a challenging and nerve-wracking task. As students, we have a responsibility to be safe, conscientious, and take the proper precautions against the coronavirus. 

A great way to do our job and fight coronavirus is to have the proper materials on our person at all times. Some essentials for your backpack during COVID include hand sanitizer and wipes. It’s crucial to have hand sanitizer because there are germs on nearly everything we touch. Some examples that we touch on the daily include door handles, seats, desks, elevator buttons, and more. By having both wipes and hand sanitizer to clean your hands and surfaces, you are limiting the potential spread of germs. Another essential item is an extra mask in your bag. Whether it be for you or someone else who forgets one, a mask is a major way to stop the spread and is needed at all times. Having an extra mask is a great way to be prepared and safe. Finally, having both tissues and a water bottle is helpful because it limits contact with other people. With a water bottle, one doesn’t need to use a water fountain. Also, with personal issues, there is no need for a communal tissue box or area for contamination. Overall, it is helpful and responsible to have these essentials in your bag on campus in order to stop the spread of coronavirus and continue in-person classes. 

It is important to have your own supplies for your needs at this time in order to both minizine contact with others and keep the cases of COVID low. We are given an opportunity to continue with some in-person classes during a pandemic, therefore we should cherish our sense of normalcy and ensure we keep it moving forwards.


Kaitlyn Hennig

Manhattan '23

I am in my sophomore year as a psychology major at Manhattan College.
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