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Affordable Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Love Them

Valentines Day doesn’t need to empty your pockets. Unfortunately, there’s an added pressure with any holiday season involving gift giving but what truly matters is that you spend time with the person you love. There are many homemade gifts that are way more memorable and unique than an expensive sweater or piece of jewelry.

  1. Open When Cards: Open when cards are a great way to show your significant other that you care about them. each card will finish the sentence “Open when..” some examples are, “Open when you miss you” you can write a brief letter in each one. If you are having trouble thinking about what letters you would want to write there are tons of ideas online! 

  2. Scrapbook: Gather a bunch of pictures and download the CVS App. Nearby there is a place to pick up photos. You choose the photos from your album and they can even be printed that same day! Scrapbooks can also be purchased at CVS but if you are looking for an even more affordable way to show your collection of photos you can get a poster add and paste them all on.

  3. Plan a day of Sightseeing around NYC: One of the ONLY free things in New York is the views. Pick a space to go with your significant other whether it’s DUMBO or the South Street Seaport and just gaze at the beautiful city that is NYC. Talk with your partner and let them know your favorite pets about them. The sights of this city are so romantic and breathtaking! 

  4. Download GroupOn and pick an experience: GroupOn is a great app to experience things in NYC without spending too much money. The app has a category of “Things to do” where you can choose from different experience from a trampoline park in NYC to a painting class! It’s an affordable way to go to things in NYC.

There are many ways to make Valentines Day a day to remember. Just remember that this day isn’t a day to stress about a gift, but rather to remember all the reasons you love the important people in your life!

Alana Pons

Manhattan '22

Hi everyone! My name is Alana Pons. I grew up in NYC and went to high school on the upper east side. I’ve always loved everything about the city and am really passionate about finding the best spots for food, art, pictures and fun!
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