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By: Mackenzie Boyce

As an avid theater lover, a question I always get asked is: how can you afford to see so many Broadway shows? We all know that Broadway shows are not the most budget friendly, but over the years I’ve learned a lot about getting the best price for a good ticket. Here are some of my tips and tricks for buying cheap theater tickets!

Enter the Lottery

This is the number one way I get a good seat for a low price. Almost every Broadway play or musical participates in a digital lottery. You can enter these every day for the following performance. Lottery ticket prices range from 15-50 dollars depending on the show, and although you are still paying, it is a discounted price. My favorite part about the lottery tickets is that most shows give orchestra seating, or a seat that is close to the stage. When I won the lottery for “Six,” I was given front row seats! I use this website to find all the current links and prices for the Broadway lotteries.


Most shows allow for you to rush the day of. Some shows use digital rush, where you can log in the morning of the show to receive a discounted ticket. Most shows, however, do in person rush, where you can wait outside the box office in the morning for any available seats. While these are not guaranteed, it is a great way to get a ticket if you are early enough in line. For the shows that do not have lottery, like “The Music Man,” this is a great option to get tickets for significantly cheaper than they are online.

Buy Your Tickets At The Box Office

One of the worst parts about buying Broadway tickets are the fees that come along with it. For some tickets you can almost double the cost in fees alone. I recently learned that these fees only exist online. You can go to the box office and purchase tickets for any performance with no added fees! While it may not be ideal to make your way to the box office, it can definitely save you a lot of money by getting it for a flat rate.

Look For Discounts

There are always discounts for Broadway shows. I love using the TodayTix app, as they notify you when certain tickets are on sale. Keep an eye out for Broadway Week discounts, or any other sales. Right now you can get two tickets for the price of one with the code “BWAYWK.” This sale lasts until Sept. 25, so make sure to use it to your advantage.

While Broadway tickets can definitely be expensive, there are so many ways to get them for a more affordable price. Hopefully, these tips work for you too!

Mackenzie Boyce

Manhattan '24

Mackenzie is the Senior Editor for Her Campus at Manhattan, and loves being able to read and edit the chapter’s articles before they are published. Mackenzie is a senior at Manhattan College studying childhood and special education with concentrations in English and French. She is originally from Connecticut but loves having the opportunity to live in NYC for school. Mackenzie is also a member of the sorority Sigma Delta Tau on campus. She is also part of the education honors society, Kappa Delta Pi, and French honors society, Pi Delta Phi. She is also an admissions ambassador and can be spotted around campus giving tours to incoming students. She is also currently completing her student teaching this semester in fifth and first-grade classrooms at a local Bronx elementary school. Mackenzie loves having the ability to use writing as an outlet, whether that means writing about fashion, music, pop culture, or mental health. She is so thankful to have found a home with Her Campus at Manhattan and hopes anyone reading can gain knowledge or inspiration from her work.