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The 9 Stages of Midterms Week as told by the Kardashians

Remember Syllabus Week? What a time to be alive. All you had to do was remember to show up to class with a pen and shoes on and you were set. Tests and assignments marked in your fancy new planner seemed lightyears away and you couldn’t seem to remember why you were so stressed last semester. Fast foward through the first few weeks of the semester and you remember that professors delight in assigning hundreds of pages of reading each week and still expect you to show up to class in things other than ramen stained pajama pants. 

Ah yes, Midterms are fast approaching and who understands the stress better than America’s favorite family, the Kardashians. Why you ask? Because nobody mirrors your impending test confusion more accurately than Kim herself. 

That being said, midterms week typically occurs in a few stages before you actually get the test over with…

1) When you realize the mid terms that seemed so far off at the beginning of the semester are now just a week away. 

2) So you deal with your stress in the most proactive manner. 

3) You finally sit down to outline what you’ll have to study before the test. 

4) But then your teacher sends out a mass email to add a few extra chapters to the study material. 

5) Once again, you handle it as well as can be expected. 

6) All the while considering that while you don’t understand Calculus, you definitely have other things going for you. 

7) The morning of the test finally arrives and its just like

8) A few minutes in and you realize that you KNOW THIS! A + here you come! 

9) And when you finally finish your last test and spring break is HERE! 

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