5 Ways To Turn That Frown Upside Down

A negative mood or bad headspace can usually be attributed to your body reaping the effects of being overwhelmed or stressed; a sign both your mind and body need a break. It’s unfortunate to find yourself in such a mood when it may be unlike your usual vibe and nobody wants to give off negative energy. Therefore, below I have compiled a list of tips I hope you find beneficial to get you back to your normal self before you know it. 

1. Meditate and self-reflect 

Did someone say or do something that set you off? Or did you just wake up not feeling right? I sometimes find myself down in the dumps for no reason and I can't explain it. It’s a terrible feeling because if I don’t know the cause, how do I know what I need to do in order to make myself feel better? Taking time to meditate on why you are feeling down can help you get to the root cause of this upsetting mood.

2. Start your morning off on the right foot

A great way to get you up and moving in the morning is by playing some of your favorite tunes. Check out my article, “10 Songs to Put You in a Good Mood,” for suggestions or inspiration! I would suggest first asking your roommate to make sure they don’t mind you playing your music, or find a playlist you can both enjoy together!

3. Surround yourself with the right people

There is no better way to cheer yourself up than to surround yourself with those who you know will make you laugh and lift your spirits. Rather than feeling guilty or like you may be a burden, grab your closest friend and do something you enjoy, like going to a local café or exploring a new area. Sometimes it’s enough just knowing you have someone there for you who will listen or just be there for support. 

4. Call a loved one

Personally, there is something therapeutic about talking to my mom or dad when I’m not having a good day. They are people I know I can talk to openly and freely about anything without being judged. When I hear the voice of my family or best friends on the other end of the line, I can’t help but feel even a little better. Do not hesitate to reach out to those close to you because they are just a phone call or text away. 

5. Change your environment

To remain in the same space that induced your stress is not proactive in regards to getting yourself out of a negative headspace. It may be hard if your campus is in the middle of nowhere, but even just taking a walk around campus or finding a quiet space in the library can make all the difference. I am fortunate enough to be located right by a subway stop that can take me anywhere in the city when I need to escape campus.


Keep in mind, it’s okay to have a bad day, just remember this feeling soon shall pass. It does not have to take a lot to turn your attitude around as long as you recognize the moments you are feeling down and address it right away.