5 Things You Feel on Payday

Ahhh… payday. Getting that sweet check is like getting candy when you’re in college. Any extra money is helpful when trying to get through school. There are probably hundreds of thoughts that bounce through our heads when we get our hands on that check, but there are a few that I personally always experience. 

1. Happiness

There is no greater feeling than that of pure joy on payday. Simply put, you can’t help but want to dance. When you have money, you don’t have to struggle with your bank account for the next week or so. It’s bliss to have a few extra dollars to throw around.

2. Excitement

Shivers run down your spine, don’t deny it. Think of all the pizza you can buy now! Going out on the weekend? No problem, you got this. On payday, anything is possible. When we finally get our paws on that fre$h cheddar, we can’t wait to go out and get some good food. 

3. Adventurous

Now that we have some money, we feel obliged to treat ourselves. Do it, you deserve it. It’s common to feel a surge of adventure when you get paid. You want to o explore your city? Sure. Try escargot? Do it. Skydiving? Go for it! The world is your oyster. 

4. Proud

Hey, you worked hard for that! You’re killing it. Go ahead; give yourself a pat on the back. You can now pay for your own Netflix subscription. You don’t have to ask your parents for money (and I promise, they appreciate it). You are more responsible for yourself and your finances and that is something to be proud of. Congratulations! #sheworkshardforthemoney

5. Despair

Money, unfortunately, doesn’t grow on trees. When it’s gone, it’s really gone (WHY?!). Despair can often creep up on us. You might feel like your money betrayed you--it didn’t. Just remember that as long as you’re working or doing what you love, the money will follow. Farewell money, we'll see you next payday.


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