5 Pieces Girls Are Wearing on Repeat this Season

When it comes to the fall and winter season, many girls subscribe to the same formula of somber colors and the same classic coat as their everyday uniform. But if you are up for a change to your cold-weather wardrobe then you came to the right place!

I pulled inspiration from the season’s biggest trends and the top pieces that have been worn on the streets. The best part is that you probably have a few similar items in your closet!

Ready for that winter wardrobe refresh? Continue scrolling down to see fall and winter wardrobe essentials.

Velvet Slip Dress

According to everyone prancing on the streets and the designs on the catwalk, the one dress you should be wearing is a slip dress -- especially a velvet one. Not only is it on trend and can be worn different ways, but with the fabric it can make you feel super cozy. Wear with a turtleneck or long sleeve top. To tie in the entire ensemble, wear the dress with cute booties and either a leather or bomber jacket.

Bell-Sleeve Tops

One of the season’s new playful trend is a top with bell sleeves. If you are ready for your favorite basic tee and denim jacket combo to be upgraded, take a cue from the runways and every street style look and purchase a top with bell sleeves. A peep of the bell sleeves from your denim jacket or any other sweater or jacket combo will give a refreshing take. The silhouette is an all ‘70s-inpsired look that the industry is currently obsessed with.  

Metallic Skirts

An item that has stood out on the streets this cold season are metallic skirts. Gravitate towards items that are both equal parts of versatility and festivity. If a metallic skirt may be too loud for your taste, then try a silver skirt with a hint of sparkle. That would have potential of being worn all year.

Reimagined Cardigans

For those colder winter days, you cannot imagine leaving anywhere without putting on a coat. However, this season longer and slimmer cardigans have been bursting on the scene. They mimic the details of a traditional coat but with a slimmer silhouette. If you love layering and find it difficult to do so with bulky coats, then try this item. This long cardigan gives the same effect but the flexibility of styling a head-to-toe look. Or add a thicker, shorter jacket on top of the cardigan for those cooler days to give a cool high and low effec

Ankle Sock Boots

Another piece that has taken over designer’s catwalks and every fashion blogger’s closet are ankle sock boots. They are the shoe silhouette of the season. Ankle boots are still in but if you want that extra coverage to keep your ankle feeling warm, especially when wearing shorter pants (which have also become trendy). Ankle sock boots can also be worn with a skirt and tights combo.