5 Healthy Dorm Meals You Need to Try Right Now

Midnight Cravings? Don’t fret, we’ve all been there! Cravings are absolutely normal, especially for us college students who lead such frantic and oftentimes disoriented lives. There are a lot of instances when we’re too busy to make it to the nearest dining hall or just walk down to the deli when we’re hungry, or sometimes we just don’t want to leave our dorm rooms– and hey that’s completely normal! Here’s a list of the top 5 healthy snacks you can make in the comfort of your own dorm:

1. Chia Pudding: All you need is some unsweetened almond milk, a spoonful of chia seeds, and some maple syrup or your choice of sweetener. Just stir and leave overnight, and voila your super healthy fiber-packed delight is ready. Finish with the toppings of your choice. My choice? Some nut butter, strawberries and bananas. Delicious!

2. Two-minute Nachos: Grab a bag of wholesome tortilla chips. I like these ones from Trader Joe’s, and I sprinkle some pepper jack, some cheddar, some mozzarella cheese and top it off with some chili flakes, and stick it in the microwave for two minutes. Your cheesy, gooey snack is ready.

3. Microwave Shakshuka: Yes it exists. Everyone’s favorite brunch dish can in fact be made in a microwave, and in just five minutes! Your midnight taste buds deserve nothing but the best. Follow this recipe. 

4. “Baked” Berry Oatmeal: A yummy fruity explosion, this meal is perfect when you need to rush to your 8:00 am lecture, but don’t have time for a full breakfast. This recipe only takes two minutes to whip up and is both nutritious and delicious!

5. Mug Omelette: Breakfast for dinner anyone? Stuff as many veggies in there and top it off with some mozzarella cheese and voila! Your healthy and tasty midnight delight is all ready for you!

I hope you find these recipes just as simple and delicious as I do!