5 Easy Ways to Spice Things Up When You Get Tired of Locke's

While living in a college dorm, trying to figure out what to eat or cook every day of the week can be a pain. As students,  we all know the feeling of being tired of dining hall food and even finding the motivation to make your way to the dining hall can be hard, so here is a list of foods you are able to make without even having to leave the comfort of your dorm room. 


1. Oatmeal or Overnight Oats: As simple as oatmeal is, you can always dress it up with fruits (that you can even take from the dining hall) like bananas and apples. A few things I like to add to mine is sliced almonds, chia seeds and cinnamon. 


2. Ramen: Ramen is one of the most classic college student foods, but there are many ways to spice it up. A few things you can add to your ramen are hard boiled eggs, sriracha and frozen or fresh vegetables. 


3. Pasta: There are many ways to prepare pasta, and with each common room having a stovetop it’s a quick and easy lunch or dinner. You can prepare your pasta plain, with different sauces, vegetables or meats.  


4. Smoothie or Smoothie Bowls: Manhattan College allows students to have blenders in their dorm, so a quick and easy meal or snack can be a smoothie or smoothie bowl. To make these, you can use either fresh or frozen fruit, I prefer frozen just because it’s a little bit easier than having to wash and or cut different fruits. You can add fresh fruits, nuts, coconut flakes, chia or flax seeds, peanut butter or anything else you enjoy on your smoothie bowl. 


5. Stir Fry: Using the stovetop in our common rooms, you can easily cook up noodles or rice for your stir fry. You can add different vegetables like corn, peas, carrots, onions or whatever vegetables you prefer and meats.You can also add soy sauce, sriracha or the original stir fry sauce.