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3 Fun and Crafty Things to Do During the Fall

One of my absolute favorite seasons ever is fall. The changing leaves, sweater weather, and pumpkin spice everything makes this season full of enchantment. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the upcoming harvest season is by getting more in tune with my baking and crafty side. There is always so much to do and create! Here are three fun and crafty things to do during the fall.

Make roasted pumpkin seeds

I love roasting pumpkin seeds. The aroma of spices, the sweet and salty flavor, and the convenience of being able to just grab them to eat on the go, make them one of my go-to snacks during the season. There are dozens of recipes online for how to make roasted pumpkin seeds, but my personal favorite is the way my grandmother used to make them, with a small pumpkin, melted butter, sea salt, cinnamon, honey, a medium-sized bowl, and some parchment paper. Plus, it’s a great excuse to carve a pumpkin! 


Make a garland out of faux fallen leaves for your dorm

This DIY is almost as easy as just going outside. All you’ll need is some string, a pair of scissors, a hole puncher, a plain wire hanger, and some faux “fallen” leaves. First, take your hanger and bend it into a circular form. Next, take your leaves and punch a hole in right below where the stem starts. Then, cut a long piece of your yarn and string it through the holes you punched out in the leaves. Finally, wrap your strung leaves around the bent hanger in a counter-clockwise motion. Viola! Now we have an awesome decoration that is perfect for hanging anywhere in your room. 

Decorate your binders

  Since this is the fall season, we all know what that means- the start of a new school semester. I especially love having cute school supplies- it helps me get me so much more motivated to actually do my work. Decorating my binders with warm, muted toned colors, helps make them look so much more aesthetically pleasing for fall. My school’s official color is Jasper green, so it fits perfectly for the theme of the season. For this craft, you will need, a black 1 in. binder, and some different colored cardstock paper. All you have to do is: take your binder, and stick the cardstock paper down into the clear protectants that surround each side. If you’re feeling extra fancy- you can also add printed graphics cutouts along with the cardstock- it makes them look so much more unique!


 At last, I hope you guys try out some of these fun fall activities! In college it’s so easy to become overwhelmed with your studies- it’s crucial to remember to take a break and just enjoy the present moment. And while all of these things can be done alone, they might be even more fun if you invite a friend along. These next four are going to be some of the most memorable years of your life. Make sure to laugh, explore, and most importantly have fun!


Saquana Lopez

Manhattan '23

Saquana Lopez is a freshman at Manhattan College and is majoring in Pre-med Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys reading, trying different variations of tea, photography, and traveling.
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