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15 Signs Your Best Friend is the Cece Parekh to your Jess Day, as told by New Girl

The TV show, New Girl, isn't only perfect because it has Jake Johnson in it (what isn’t to love), but because there is something for everyone: each loft mate reminds you of that one friend of the group; it is funny and smart; and the mini dramas that occur with the tight knit friend-family is entertaining, as well as relatable.

Aside from the relevant themes within the show, a familiarity that viewers can understand is the friendship between Cece and Jess, because there is the “Jess” and there is the “Cece” in (most) every friendship. The two best friends have opposing-yet-complimenting personalities, making for the perfect duo.

My roommate and I starting watching New Girl together, but it takes us three times the amount of time it should, due to the frequent pauses to point out the moments that echo our friendship. While, arguably, there's a mix of a little Jess and Cece in everyone, overall, we found ourselves having one of the two to identify with, appreciating and understanding their friendship and their lives-- in all of its hilarious and chaotic glory.

Coming from more of the Jess connection, acknowledging and accepting these 15 facts of your friendship confirm that you and your best friend have Cece and Jess's New Girl relationship:

1. You see the world through contrasting lenses. The type-Jess reality has a lot more polka dots in it, and you kind of go through life like this:

and she, more like this

2. The things that bother you both are tackled with different measures:


3. From all of that twirling-through-life, your quarter life crises hit you harder when they eventually become unavoidable…

4. Your "Cece" happily embraces your quirks, and you two actually find yourselves funny to one another. (Including, but not limited to: fake mustaches as Christmas gifts, your overuse of glitter and of course, ribbon hats).

5. You're comfortable with one another. You both can enjoy silences without feeling any awkwardness, there just really aren't any silent moments you two have shared when with one another.

6. Serious isn't your thing. When there is something of importance to be discussed, there is either: straight to the point or the avoiding-admitting-your-feelings route. Although yes, you’ve graduated middle school with all your braces and side-bang glory, your best friend knows she has to prepare you when there's something momentous.

Well… because

7. You need her to keep you in check from time to time. While you both alternate from the mom and daughter role, without her wonderful (and well needed) tell-it-like-it-is personality, you wouldn't love her as much, and you certainly wouldn't face any of life's things that you need to.

8. She needs you for your advice. She always comes to you for your level-headed advisement, and you know she is just as much there for you.

9. The stories you tell to other people almost always involve one another. Most of them are only funny to only the two of you, but you both try to spread the joke anyways.

10. Your taste in men differ, which makes double dates always interesting. Besides, more often than not, they are mainly organized for you two to see one another anyways.

11. You have together found that boys cause stress, and that life would be easier if you called dating quits, and just stuck with your partner-in-crime relationship. #SoulSistas

12. You laugh at the fights you've had in the past. Although you have sometimes fought, like most sister-level friendships do, your arguments have always been stupid, and easily solved with pints of ice cream and boxes of mac and cheese.

13. She is always the first one to be informed about anything in your life, big or small (and vice versa). Cue the snapchats of the kid she likes from government class in the cafeteria, followed by an intimate shot of your double chins while you're on the toilet.

14. You are one another's pick-me-ups. You don't get sick of eachother, and despite the fact that you don't spend long periods of time apart, but are always as equally excited when you see one another, amazes most others who don't get it. 

15. You've been best friends through thick and thin. You've been with one another through the bad hair days, the too-many-shots-of-tequila nights, the boy drama, and the moments where you both have peed your pants laughing, even when you can't remember what it was about.

Like M&Ms with popcorn, cardigans with leggings, and Seth Rogen with either Franco brother, you two balance each other out to make the perfect duo.  


Tasia (pronounced tuh-see-yuh... yes, like the greeting "good to see ya") Adamakos is a Sophomore at Manhattan College, majoring with a journalism concentration, and minoring in English. Potbelly pig enthusiast, and a firm believer on women drinking Jack Daniels over vodka sodas, she constantly dreams of living in Manhattan to be a famous food writer (which would hopefully entail more eating than writing). Follow her on instagram @tasia_adamakos
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