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13 Reasons Your Roommate is Your Soulmate

Your roommate, the one person who has seen every side of you – the good, the bad, the ugly, the really bad – and has for some reason still accepted you for it. Even though you’ve only lived together a few short years, you’ve been through absolutely everything together to the point where there are no boundaries. And if you’re lucky, you reach the point where your roommate actually becomes spouse, and you’re completely okay with that.

1. They Know Your Deli Order By Heart

Whether it’s the Stoner’s Delight from Best Deli or roast beef on a roll with mayo, salt and pepper from New Riv, you know their food order better than your own. And of course you’re always sure to pick one up for them whether they asked you to or not.

2. Nothing Is Too Much Information

You can freely talk about anything (and I mean anything) with them, no matter how personal or disgusting. Have a weird rash on an awkward part of your body? I’ll take a look for you. Need to poop? Thanks for always letting me know. No topic is off-limits.

3. They’ve Seen You Naked More Than Anyone Else

Because who even thinks about wearing pants when in your room anymore? Walk around naked all you want, they don’t care. They’re not even phased by it because it has become that normal.

4. They Always Know How To Make You Feel Better

Your roommate will always be the first one to know when you’re sad, angry or just having a bad week. Even if you haven’t even said it out loud, they’re always the first ones there with ice cream and a bottle of wine to talk about it for hours until you feel better.

5. They’re The Ultimate Netflix & Chill Companion

Because you watch basically all the same shows on Netflix anyway and you will willingly platonically cuddle the sh*t out of them.

6. They Will Act As Your Alarm Clock In The Morning

When you press the snooze button one too many times or just forget to set an alarm for class, they will, without fail, always wake you up on time (no matter how scary you are in the morning).

7. They Will Make Sure You Get Home Safe No Matter What

After a night out, no matter how drunk you may be, they will always be there to carry you home, tuck you into bed, and make sure you have plenty of food/water. Even after you throw up all over their rug, they will clean up your mess without complaining and make sure you are okay (but of course they will never let you forget any of the embarrassing things you did the night before).

8. They Take Care Of You When You’re Sick

Even if it was the Black Plague, they’d be by your side 24/7, making sure you’re okay, bringing you soup and tea they stole from Locke’s and running to Rite Aid to buy you medicine.

9. They Provide Emotional Support When The Times Get Tough

When it’s midterms or finals week that has gotten the best of you, or you just have some kind of boy drama – they will be there to listen to you cry and reassure you that you will be okay.

10. They Have The Same Humor As You

Because no one else understands why that goat Vine is so funny. You two will laugh so hard you cry about said goat Vine at 2 a.m. and it will be fantastic.

11. They Won’t Judge You

They have seen you at your craziest and all of the weird stuff you try to do secretly on a daily basis. They know, they’re okay with it, and they love you anyway. They won’t ridicule you for dancing around the room like a maniac to “Africa” by Toto or anything by Cher.

12. You Hate When They Go Home

The first five seconds of alone time is nice, until you realize that you’re just a lost puppy without them. You start to miss them too much and forget how to function as a normal human being without them, so you wind up just texting non-stop anyway.

13. You Know They Will Be Your Friend Forever

Because people, especially in college, come and go in your life easily, but you’ve built a friendship that you know for a fact will last for a long long time. They’ve become your other half and you couldn’t possibly imagine getting through any part of this journey without them. Whether you’ve known them for one year, or since you were a freshman, it feels like it has been a lifetime. And besides, you’ve already pre-planned the wine nights you’ll be having together when you’re middle-aged women and need a break from the kids.

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