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10 Ways to Elevate Your Instagram Aesthetic

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

We live in an amazing time where technology is more advanced than ever. It’s so advanced that anyone can access the internet. Social media is not only something that our generation has grown up with but something that has grown up alongside us. We live in a society where anyone can see who we are through a screen. You might be a little worried about your Instagram aesthetic and have no idea how to make it better. Fortunately for you, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my digital footprint! Here are 10 tips you can adjust and take to keep your Instagram cute, fun, and even professional! 

  1. Color Consistency

Have you noticed your Instagram looks a little mixed and matched like nothing flows together? It just happens to be a bunch of random pictures put together. One small tacit I noticed from my own Instagram account is that color is key. I’m not saying this in the context of having your Instagram pictures being strictly one color, that’s a little silly, don’t you think? Having one color throughout all your posts, whether it’s a small splash or the whole picture, keeps all of your pictures tied together as one. 

  1. Remove Tags

Have you ever been tagged in the most random post by a bot or it happens to be an embarrassing picture your best friend thought was funny? Don’t be scared to remove yourself, especially if you feel as if that takes away from the aesthetic you are trying to go for. 

  1. Minimalistic 

With my stories, I like to go for a simpler setup because what I like is constantly changing. I don’t enjoy doing collages or scrapbooking posts just because it’s a little messier and having a cleaner sleigh is much more professional which could be appealing to job recruiters and colleges. 

  1. Curse Words

Staying on the more professional side, curse words are not something I use with my Instagram. Most of us have family who follow us, along with co-workers and other people who play a daily role in our lives and we keep a certain image around. Curse words can be passive-aggressive and get rid of that professionalism. 

  1. Emotions 

We have all seen those people who post themselves crying. We’ve seen it throughout middle school, high school, and even now on all platforms. Everyone should have unspoken boundaries and limitations for themselves when it comes to social media. Learning how to separate emotions from Instagram keeps away unnecessary posts you might regret posting later. 

  1. Canon Pictures

Some of the best pictures on my Instagram are the photos that were taken candidly by my friends. Canon pictures capture you in a moment where it’s real. It shows you being human and happy. This isn’t you just posting a picture for likes, it’s you sharing a memory. 

  1. Captions

Keep the format of your captions consistent for a more professional, cute feel. One example of this is having one-word captions. Or if you feel as if that’s too strict for your liking, I like to put a command at the end of every one of my captions. It might be a small thing no one notices, but it does make a difference when people take a look at your post. 

  1. Unfilter Picture 

Filters change the vibe of our pictures completely. We add them to fix a picture or sometimes just for fun. If you want your Instagram to match any aesthetic phase you go through, try sticking to one filter for your pictures. Consistency is key!

  1. Bio 

Your bio should tell people about yourself, but not too much. You want to draw people’s attention. I like to keep mine cute and simple with my school and a cute phrase that shows more of my personality. 

  1. Profile Picture

Not sure how you feel about your profile picture? Choose something that isn’t in your feed already. It’s a little splash of something different. It’ll make your Instagram pop and differ. 

Enya Pizano

Manhattan '26

Enya is a sophomore at Manhattan College majoring in English with a focus in creative writing. This year, she is serving as Her Campus' assistant editor. Her interests and passions lie on writing, fashion, music, and make-up.