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10 Amazing Ways to Start Your Mornings

The morning is a wonderful time to set good energy and a positive tone for the day. Or if you’re anything like me, it’s a great time to get woken up by an alarm three separate times and chug a large latte with extra sugar to ensure that you’ll feel like a living human being once again in 15 minutes. It can be rough to wake up on the earlier days of the week, or even in the middle of the week… or the days after that. 

Though I haven’t been a morning person for most of my life, I do really enjoy the days that I decide to be - and I always feel way better and much more productive. Quarantine has helped me get into a better sleep schedule and learn what I like to do in the mornings! Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, here is a collection of things you could do to make the start of your day the best it could be.

1. Wake up earlier than necessary. 

This allows plenty of time to let your brain turn on, get things done, and be relaxed while doing it. My fellow 2 a.m. TikTok scrollers know that this is not always easy, but let’s be honest with ourselves… going to bed earlier is not as difficult as we tell ourselves it is! This may not be my favorite step, but the following steps make it worthwhile.

2. Don’t get right onto your phone! 

While it’s super easy to wake yourself up this way, the constant influx of information is not always good for you, and the wrong news could set a bad tone for the day. Take this moment to stretch out! If you’re scared you may fall back asleep, play some music while you stretch out, and get up right after. 

3. Do something physical. 

Whether it’s meditating, yoga, going for a run, a gym session, or walking your dog, anything that makes your body feel awake and healthy will do you a lot of good in the long run. Extra points for doing it outside in the sun - the warm sun on my face always puts me in a good mood! Pro tip: wake up early for sunrise. It stinks to get up before dawn, but it’s always worth it.

4. Take a shower 

Especially if you just went for a run. Even if you have not worked up a sweat, feeling clean helps you feel organized and confident about the day ahead. Use warm water if you’re planning on a more relaxed day, and cold water if you’re looking for an extra kick of energy (this option is also better for your skin in the long run).

5. Skincare routine! 

You’ve probably seen this emphasized on every social media platform, but it is so important. Get your best glow! Wash, exfoliate, moisturize, etc. Whether your routine is two steps or 10, use products that make your skin feel good and that don’t have too many chemicals– and definitely make sure you use an SPF 30 moisturizer on your face, neck, and hands! Moisturize your body too. And boys - please, dear lord, do not use hand soap to wash your face.

6. Hygiene and Beauty 

Brush your teeth, fix your hair, and put on your makeup if you want to. Wear something comfy if it’s a study day– cute and comfy is even better, and it’s never been more in style since quarantine hit. This way, you can be physically cozy and be excited about how casually good you look. If it’s more of a productive day, put effort into your outfit, use the 8-point outfit system, and make sure you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

7. Mangia, mangia! 

That’s how my little Italian grandma says “eat, eat!” I can’t really eat too much in the morning, but if you can, this is the best time to get in your calories. This way, your food intake energizes you for the day, and skipping meals is bad for your metabolism. It doesn’t have to be heavy–  just make sure you get a few food groups in there! I like to aim for grain, fruit, and protein. Also, no, coffee doesn’t count as food (sad, I know). 

8. Drink green tea or fresh juice!

Green tea is great for your body and mind, and also has caffeine– but it’s way healthier option. Fruit juice is healthy and gives you something tasty to look forward to. However, if you must opt for coffee, get one for me too.

9. Listen to music or a podcast that gets you vibing. 

This pairs fantastically with steps four through nine. Music can get you moving and podcasts get you thinking. Silence is preferred for some, and that’s fine too! But if you’re looking to find inspiration at the beginning of your day, this is always great for me. 

10. Go start your day! 

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Simply just start!

It’s always easier said than done, but once you get in the swing of a routine like this, you’ll feel so much better! Take it from a night owl. If you’re already a morning person, adding some of these tips to your morning can really spruce up the day. The morning will no longer be a chore, but rather an actual good piece of your day. Happy morning-ing!


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