Introducing The Tuts: Feminism, Politics and Multiculturalism

Welcome to a world of multiculturalism, political standpoints and female empowerment. The Tuts, a punky folk-rock band with political messages and girl gang vibes, are an inspiration to anyone who listens to them. If you want music that has your back and builds you up, then The Tuts are the band for you.

The trio made up of singer and guitarist, Nadia, bassist, Harriet and drummer, Bev, hail from Hayes, London. Their sound is quite heavy, with punk-pop guitars complementing Nadia’s lighter voice. Their music explores the trials and tribulations of being a multicultural band, being women and being under-represented in the media. So, if you’ve got that itch to change the world, their sound is sure to become your new favourite.


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The band, who achieve everything without a manager, got their break touring with mockney signer, Kate Nash, another feminist warrior and inspirational musician. Since then, they’ve released an album – Update Your Brain, headlined a tour, appeared on BBC News and broken down a thousand barriers.

Many of their songs come from a place of frustration. ‘Give Us Something Worth Voting For’ expresses the frustration felt by many young people going to the polls, from feeling under-represented in Parliament to the government not caring about the younger voter.

The Tuts’ music is the voice that is missing. As a band they’ve shown political alliance to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, a political stance that informs their music, which includes lyrics such as “people power, knock down Tory towers”. For anyone who’s part of the ‘snowflake generation’, these resonate. The Tuts have the voice of young people who just want to be heard.

Their gigs are loud, punchy and simply scream notions of empowerment. After your first Tuts concert, you’ll be ready to take on the government, end Brexit and dump your shitty boyfriend, all before bed. And what’s more, you should! Music has the power to influence and people have the ability to create change.

We are living in a time of women accepting themselves for the goddesses they are and we are loving ourselves more than ever, and as The Tuts say in ‘Let Go of the Past’, we just need to “get on with your life and live it to the fullest”. They send messages of moving forward, being yourself and fighting for your right to live your life.

Despite the progression, we need more women to stand up and fight and we need more women in music encouraging us to do so. The Tuts are simply leading the fight.

Check out The Tuts on Facebook and Instagram for messages of girl power and gig dates. All gig dates are shared on social media so, look out for upcoming shows, grab yourself and ticket and join the revolution!