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Hula Tikki Lounge

Heading to Manchester City Center? Don’t go without reading this blog on the best places to eat, drink and dance the night away! 

Hula Tikki Lounge, Northern Quarter


Located in the basement of one of Northern Quarter’s trendy buildings is the tropical haven that is the Hula Tikki Lounge. When the cold sets in and Summers seems so far away, with one sip of their fresh fruit cocktails it’s hard not to think that you are on a tropical island. The old school R&B songs will make you want to run to the dance floor and unleash your inner 90’s Diva, flicking your hair back and forth to the likes of TLC, Usher, R Kelly, Destiny’s Child etc. The playful (and goodlooking!) barmen are decked out in their infamous Hula shirts, serving an extensive bar menu of fish bowls, rum and shots in a comedic fashion. Try the Zombie cocktail, a combination of fruit and rum topped with a cinnamon flame, which will definitely get you into the Tikki mood! Anyone and everyone from across Manchester will at some point find themselves in this hedonistic haven, be pepared to bump into familiar faces and notable celebtrity clientel. Rumour has it that the Tikki Lounge is Harry Styles favourite bar to visit when the One Direction boys are in town.

Downside: Does get busy, getting served at the bar can take some time, potential to be flicked in the face by an over enthuasiatic dancer (but everyone is just trying to have a good time!), and queing is more than likely- unless you get there before 11pm.

Pluside: Celeb spotting, good looking guys, fashionable, old school R&B, delicious cocktails, familiar faces, and a fun loving atmosphere!

Best nights to go: Friday and Saturday


(Photo credits to cityspymanchester, instagram) 

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