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Dusk Til Pawn

This week, Her Campus Manchester have reviewed a gorgeous upcoming cocktail lounge bar in the Northern Quarter as the Campus Celebrity for the week!

Dusk Til Pawn is open from 5pm-1am every day and until 3am on Friday and Saturday night.

Ideal for after-work drinks, chatting and drinking with friends, for a club night with some dancing, or just if you fancy something a little different to usual.

Set in the heart of the ever-expanding Northern Quarter, it’s quite difficult to locate but, due to the previous use of the space as a fortune-teller’s den, it’s worth the find! Filled with vintage items, totally cluttered with weird and wonderful things from floor to ceiling, you will well and truly feel like you’re in a dark, cool speakeasy style bar in the period of prohibition (cue feeling naughty!)

Relax on a squidgy sofa to the sound of jukebox soundtracks in the background, and wait while a team of (extremely gorgeous) mixologists whip you up a yummy cocktail treat! Well worth the £6.50 price tag, you will not be able to choose just one – the huge range of cocktails scream “yummy” and set your taste buds on a journey of excitement.

  • A must try for anyone heading to the Northern Quarter. A space full of character and quirky atmosphere, transporting you to another time!
  • Well worth booking a table to risk disappointment, so check out the information below to see how you can get involved and experience the Dusk til Pawn world.

Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1FB

Tel. 0871 978 8024


p.s. Visit Dusk til Pawn Tuesday-Sunday before 9pm to experience the cocktail love for just £4.50!

(Photo credits to manchesterbars.com)

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