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Campus Celebrity – Cerys Llewellyn

This week we asked one of the Founders of Her Campus Manchester, Cerys Llewellyn, 4 quick questions about how life as a student in America compares to being in Manchester.

Cerys is in her second year at UoM studying English Literature with American Studies. As part of her course, she’s spending her second semester in America at the University of Missouri.

1. What Uni in America are you at and what are you studying there?

I’m currently studying at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. Also known as Mizzou, it’s very Midwest and very American! At home I study English Literature and American Studies, but with the way things work over here I’m doing a mix of modules (my favourite one is Tribes of the Amazon, has nothing to do with my course though!)

2. How does American Uni differ from Uni in the UK? (Best and worst things!)

There is honestly too much to answer for this question. We’re all pretty much uni kids, we like drinking and partying and the studying definitely takes a while to get into. Life here is full of sororities and fraternities, sports are massive here and we have a huge “recreational centre”, basically a gym, which I’ve definitely enjoyed having. Food portions are huge, but if you’ve ever lived in catered halls in OP the food is almost the same (except with more burgers and burritos…) Homework is a big thing here too, which was a little bit difficult to get used to as back home I literally only have coursework!

3. How have you coped being so far from home?

Skype. And care packages, I don’t think I would have survived without proper tea! It’s amazing how Skype can make you feel like you’re back at home, definitely helped me get settled in within the first few months and now I use it to keep friends and family updated back home. It also helped that I came to Mizzou with four other girls from my course. It makes you feel like you’ve brought a slice of Manchester with you when we compare clubs and other places here to Sankeys and the Curry Mile!

4. If any of the readers were considering a semester abroad would you encourage them?

Definitely. There is nothing that I would recommend more than an exchange abroad. Yes it’s expensive and yes the process is a little difficult at times, but it is so worth it when you arrive and get to experience a brand new culture and meet so many new people, even if it is for only a few months. Looking back, I wish I had planned it so I had gone away for a year, I’ve only been here a few months but they’ve been some of the best I’ve had.

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