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Why Sleep Is So Important: I Have Learned The Hard Way

Sleep is needed to get through days; and I need it now more than ever. From someone who goes to bed at 2:00 AM and gets up at 8:00 AM it is clear that my sleep schedule needs to be improved. It has gotten to the point where I need to take naps after my class in order to function during the day. This is not a healthy way to live as a college student or as a person. I am trying to change my practices and help myself with research and facts that will hopefully help you. We can start this journey together!  

Why is sleep so important?

Our brains need power from food and exercise to keep our bodies healthy. We recharge at night, which is where adequate sleep comes into play. Without enough sleep, our bodies cannot function properly, making it hard to get through your day with high energy and with your best foot forward. Sleep can improve productivity and your mood, which can help your college life. CDC recommends young adults ages 18-25 get between 7-9 hours of sleep.  


How can sleep benefit your life?

Sleep can boost your immune system. Enough sleep can activate T cells which help fight infections. T cells help kill cells affected by viruses. Memory improves when you get a good night of sleep. Sleep helps communication between the brain’s prefrontal cortex that handles self-control, the amygdala, and the brain’s emotional center, which all work together to keep your emotions regular.  


No sleep can be dangerous.  

While some people are sleep-deprived and do not think it will catch up to them, it will. According to NHS resource, there is a higher chance that people who are sleep deprived can have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, or strokes. Essentially little sleep can cause you to die sooner. Listen, your life can end sooner without enough sleep, that is a good enough reason to make a change.



How can we improve?   

A routine is what we need!  

We must stop daytime naps, stay up doing homework late (read my article to help with procrastination) and manage our worries by practicing self-care. Sticking to a sleep schedule to ensure you will get eight hours of sleep will help. Now you may ask: well, how do I create a plan? Instead of creating a strict plan in terms of a planner or a phone calendar, find your schedule through a routine. Start a routine by finding your night routine. For example, some may like a night routine like this:

● Come home; 

● Eat a snack; 

● Start homework;  

● Watch an episode of a show; 

● Eat dinner;  

● Take a shower;  

● Work on assignment for a little longer;  

● Meditate;  

● Put lotion;  

● Turn off the lights and go to sleep.   

It will take time to get your sleep on track, but understanding how harmful it is to get little sleep should encourage you to make a change. Find your routine and stick with it. Remember: eight hours. This article is to bring some main points as to why you need more sleep, for an in-depth understanding, click on the links! You got this! 

Ava Margolis is from Central New Jersey, studying Multi-Media Journalism. She enjoys interacting with others and hopes to work in the communications field one day as a writer or broadcast. Margolis is an outgoing, compassionate, and adventurous person who loves sharing her passions with others.
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