Why Joining a Sorority Was My Best Decision At College

If I were to explain in a word what Tri Sigma has taught me I would say faith. It is not easy to have faith in people, and sometimes even in yourself. But, I feel that at the end of the day, whatever happens, I will always have my sisters having faith in me and holding my hand. Faith is having someone still believing in you and how you can achieve only the best. It means self-confidence and the belief that you are not alone: you always have the people who love you, but mostly, you will have yourself.

During my time in Greek Life, I had perceived myself more empowered in my decisions and my personal life. Being part of this national organization showed me that I am so valuable and influential. I see myself more with formed opinions and with a clear plan for what I want to become.     

Making the transition between high school and college is not easy for anyone. However, there are many ways to make it smoother, and for me, one of them was to decide to join a sorority.

Being from another country and also passing through this transition required a lot of determination. When I first heard about Greek life, I became interested in the whole sisterhood bounding. I went to multiple events to learn more about it and decided to go on recruitment on my own. It is never easy to exit your comfort zone and put yourself out there. But, I always felt I needed to try first before deciding if something is not for me. I am glad I did because I got in Sigma Sigma Sigma!

I was beyond excited to be part of a group of girls that I identified so much. Even though we are so different, all the passion for our chapter brings us together. I know for sure that I built a family in college away from home.

Besides all the friendships and the best moments with my sisters, the sorority brought me a variety of leadership opportunities. I am currently the Treasurer for our chapter, and being nominated that after just a semester in the sorority meant the world for me.

In that position, I grew so much and started to be even more responsible. I learned how to be a leader, to handle money and all the processes through online systems. In addition to that position, I got the chance to be in the Formal Committee, which we planned our Spring Formal, and it was so much fun. We did all the decorations and the planning from catering to venues. 

In the past year, we did many philanthropy events and volunteer work. It made me feel even more part of a community and showed me how I could genuinely help make a difference in the world. 

After meeting all of them in freshmen year, I was lucky enough to be roommates with my two sorority sisters and becoming even closer to them.

Joining a sorority was the best decision in my life, and I encourage those interested to take the chance and rush a sorortiy at your university!