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Tips for transitioning to dorm life.

The transition into college from high school was a big adjustment. In high school once school is over you just go home and live with your family but you have your own room. I was unsure what it would really be like living with other people for the first time and what it was like to be so far away from my parents for such a while. It was actually much better than I thought and I made such great friends right away. In college  you have to share a small room with one or two other people. You have to learn what it is like to  live with another person. You can’t get angry over small things. Trying to live with someone you have never met can be difficult, rearranging your room can also be challenging. All the other rooms may be full or you don’t know the other roommates. My tip is make sure you get along with who you choose as a roommate so you don’t have to move multiple times. The first year is tough since you don’t know many people and it’s hard to ask someone who you never met to be your roommate. Learning to live around people can be difficult. Some people play music loud to late hours, leave a mess, or try to do things that they think are funny but are not. You have to learn to try to let it go even if you have an early morning class and want to go to sleep at a normal time. When you start to live in a dorm you realize how much stuff you are actually going to need and its hard to know what you need your first year. Buy way more than you think you need even if you don’t ever use it. It’s better to have more so you don’t run out it can also be hard to get things if you don’t have your car the first year as many freshmen don’t and it has to be ordered and can cost a lot in shipping and delivery.My first year was much better than I expected I made great lifelong friends and was so excited to come back this year. My roommate situation at the begging was so good I began very close to them after a few months we had a issues and I eventually had to move out. Which I was kinda upset to leave the people who lived around me. 
Many people stay close to their roommate and still live with them but each situation is different since it’s difficult learning to live with someone you don’t know and everyone is so different.

Katie is a junior at Lynn University. She is originally from New Jersey, She enjoy going to the beach with friends and hanging by the pool. She is a marketing major and has been plans for the future.