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Soap operas are known to be the most famous and seen shows throughout the entire world. Whether you are a fan of soap operas or not, these are the most addicting telenovelas you will ever watch. Get some popcorn or your favorite drink, and get ready to get into the real drama.


If you have seen Elite on Netflix and you loved it, Rebelde is similar but way better. Rebelde is about many teenagers in an elite boarding school, and they find their way to form a band. This entertaining telenovela was created in 2004 and is full of teenage drama. 


This Mexican telenovela is filled with spicy drama as a beautiful woman, Rubi Perez, is filled with ambition and dreams of marrying a rich guy to have everything she always desired. She goes to a high economic status from a poor background by seducing rich men with her beauty, but then her life gives a big turn. You can also see a more updated version created in 2010 called Teresa.


Marimar is about a young, innocent woman from a poor economic situation without parents, raised by her grandparents. One day she falls in love with a rich guy she finds near where she lives. Her life completely changes when she marries this guy, and his family only humiliates her.

Yo soy Betty, la Fea

One of the most claimed and known Colombian telenovela in the industry. This story is about Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano, also known as “Betty”, who is not good-looking. She is brilliant and finds a job as secretary of the presidency of a known company called Ecomoda. Here she falls in love with her boss, and the drama comes to the top when her boss uses her making her think he loves her just because of her knowledge of economics. The story gives a huge twist when Betty demonstrates her value as a woman. There have also been many versions of this telenovela created through time, one of them being the famous Mexican telenovela La Fea Más Bella.

Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo

Definitely one of my favorites. This telenovela starts with huge drama when the protagonist finds out her husband cheated with her sister at her wedding. Wow, right? After this devastating news, she decides to start a new life by faking her death and leaving everyone and everything behind.

If you haven’t seen telenovelas before, this is your sign. I promise it will be 100% worth it. So, get ready to experience the telenovela addiction.

Cinthia is a Sophomore at Lynn University majoring in Graphic Design. Originally from Nicaragua, Cinthia decided to study in the United States while remaining in close proximity to her native country; thus, she chose to pursue her education in Florida. In the future, she aims to represent the visual identity of different brands and organizations. Besides her academic interests, Cinthia enjoys photography and hanging out with friends.
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