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This is an SOS Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Divorcing After Four Years Of Marriage 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

As a Jonas and “Queen of the North” fan I am not “Perfectly Fine”, our “Love Bugs” are no longer in love. Oh this is an SOS 

The couple got engaged back in October 2016 and were later married in May 2019 their “Vegas wedding”. The two had more of a traditional wedding in late June of 2019 in Paris. In July 2020 they welcomed their first daughter and their second daughter also in July in the year of 2022. On September 3rd TMZ came out with the news that Joe Jonas was filing for divorce but it was not till September 6 that both couples posted on their social media platforms and released a joint statement. 

During his Five albums One Night Tour, Joe Jonas took the stage and stated “If You Don’t Hear It From These Lips, Don’t Believe It”. before he sang the song that he originally wrote for Sophie Turner “Hesitate”. Joe Jonas was inspired to write this song about Sophie. Back, in 2019 while promoting their album “Happiness Begins” Nick Jonas described that particular song as a “love letter” to Turner. Joe even said how important that song was to him because he states in an article “I wrote it for my significant other, Sophie, and it is one of those love letters you write to your partner saying Ii’ll be there no matter what.’” Joe singing the song hesitate now has a completely new meaning to it when he sang the song on tour the day he also filed for divorce. 


As for the fans and myself the thought of Joe Jonas being single my 13-year-old self is screaming with joy but in this situation, my heart is broken for Jonas and Turner. Joe and Sophie were that perfect couple that looked like their marriage would be forever but everything happens for a reason. Despite the rumors both stars took instagram to announce their divorce and said it was a decision that they both made and that they ask for privacy during this time.

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