Take-Aways From The Harry Style’s Music Video “Adore You”

It is no secret that Harry Styles knows how to make an entrance in the pop world. My obsession with Styles did not begin until the the music video, “Adore You,” was released. The production of this music video, has content that is outside of the box, which has touched many hearts. Many people thought this song was just going to be another cliche love song, but Styles made a way for it to be more about self-acceptance.The music video tells the story of a boy that lives in Eroda, a tiny village. For some reason, the boy’s bright smile seemed to annoy a lot of people, which made him always feel like “a fish out of water.” One day, the boy went to the top of a mountain and screamed at a jar, which put his feelings “away and enclosed.” This represenetd the oppression of his emotions.  Later on, the boy met an actual fish out of the water, and their relationship made the boy feel happier about being himself. The boy did whatever it took to help see his “friend” be happy as well. That was until the actual fish got too big for the little boy to carry around, so as an act of love he let the friend go because it was his destiny. 

Even though the story seems to not have a happy ending for the boy, the friend represented self-acceptance and the ability to surround ourselves with people that love us for who we are. By letting him go, the boy did the right thing as seeing the fish did not belong outside anymore. Another symbol in this music video is his action of “repressing” his feelings in a jar. For some reason, what made him scream one day, made him sail the other. This is similar to many life situations: what makes you feel sad now will lead you to new opportunities in life. 

Notice that everyone in this village seems to be so different from each other, and that is exactly how we are on the inside. Never let the world take away your smile!