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Now that the end of the second semester is approaching, we will all go back home to spend our summer vacations. Even though this is exciting for many, I understand others may feel bored with all the free time available. With summer coming, here are some tips on how to use your time productively. 

Find A Job/Internship

Use this time to start sharpening your future skills. Whether it is a paid job or an internship, search for opportunities to make you better at your profession and strengthen your skills. This way, you will be building up your resume, which is perceived as something positive later on. LinkedIn is a platform that can help you find jobs/internships and will also benefit you in the future.


Find a non-profit organization or a cause you are passionate about and make an impact on your community. Many organizations out there are in search of more hands to help them towards their cause.

Create Healthy Habits

Now that you have more available time for yourself try to develop healthier habits. This means you can exercise, read a book, or even listen to a podcast. Do a daily activity that will positively impact you.

Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Most of us have been away from our family or occupied because of college. In your vacations, try to take advantage and recover lost time with your loved ones. Have a nice breakfast, go for a walk, or have a talk. Being close to the people we love is essential.

Do What You Couldn’t Before

Go back and reflect on everything you wished to have time for in college. Whether it was a trip, learning something new, or having a new hobby, now you have the time to get into what you wanted. 

Don’t just let time pass by while you lay in bed doing the same thing every day. Take advantage of your time to discover yourself, your passions, and your interests. Go out there and have an adventure every day. Enjoy your summer vacation, but most importantly, be productive!

Cinthia is a Sophomore at Lynn University majoring in Graphic Design. Originally from Nicaragua, Cinthia decided to study in the United States while remaining in close proximity to her native country; thus, she chose to pursue her education in Florida. In the future, she aims to represent the visual identity of different brands and organizations. Besides her academic interests, Cinthia enjoys photography and hanging out with friends.
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