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The Home Edit phenomenonis only continuing to grow as they release their third book today, called Stay Organized. The Stay Organized book in their three-book series is a user-friendly guide that is divided room by room to make sure that you stay organized once you have already become organized. Let’s go through their top steps to get yourself organized; that way, you can stay organized. 

1. S1tep number one, but the most important, is edit. Never skip the edit part. This step is the fundamental start to the organizing process. No matter the space you are organizing, it’s crucial to know if that item still has a place in your space. For example, if you are cleaning your pantry and something is expired, then it’s time to edit it out. Another example is if you’re organizing your closet and a piece is not your style anymore or doesn’t fit, then it’s time to edit it out. 

2. The next step in their method is the categorization. When looking at the space, it is important to note how much room you have (self space, hanging space, etc.). With that, then categorize all of your edited items. Again, if you’re organizing your pantry, you

categorize all the baking goods in one section or all the cans in another. If you are sorting your closet, then put all your pajamas together, etc. 

3. The third step is to contain. Once everything is edited and categorized, you can now contain your items. The Home Edit loves to use clear baskets or baskets that fit the vibe of the room. All the items to be categorized to be able to maintain your organization process. 

4. This is not one of their main steps, but it is highly recommended to label everything. Once all of the items are categorized, it is recommended to label all of the categories; this is, again, important for the maintenance of your organized space. You can be very specific, like Christmas decorations in the living room, or you can be as generic as shirts, whatever you think is best fit for you and your living area. 

5. Lastly, maintaining. Maintaining your organized space might be the hardest step to achieve, but it’s extremely possible. The Home Edit team recommends that once something gets taken out, you put it back right when it’s done being in use. It seems easy, but sometimes it is hard. 

Overall, if you follow these steps even in your way, you can organize yourself and your space.

McKenzie is a junior at Lynn University. She is currently studying Data Analytics at Lynn University and has a dream of working for a Big Four consulting firm. McKenzie has a huge passion for travel, trying new foods, and meeting new friends along the way. McKenzie's favorite country she has visited so far is either Italy or Greece, and her favorite food is sushi.