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Starting a Fresh Year Without Fresh Resolutions

Many people get asked what their New Year’s Resolutions are and to be honest that question needs to be thrown out the books. This question can stress many people out and make them feel like they need to achieve something amazing in the new year. For me I decided that I am not going to have a New Year’s resolution. I want my new year to be filled with things that I love doing and people that I Iove.

In my opinion, if you rather choose to set your goal as living life to the fullest you give yourself much more time to achieve what you truly believe you want to achieve. By doing this you are giving yourself a much bigger timeframe, taking off the pressure of having to have achieved a specific goal by the end of the year but rather achieving the goal in the way you want to. 

The last two years have been stressful with Covid-19 and many people have not been able to do what they want to do or travel to where they want to go. So for me, I’ve realized that you need to make the most of what you have around you, find what really makes you happy and get out of your comfort zone. As I am a nature lover, I enjoy being outside as this releases amazing amounts of serotonin. I can promote nature every second of every day but that is just my personal choice. I want people to read this article and for them to be inspired to do something that they love. 

Once again it is a new year but even if it wasn’t a new year you could wake up one day and decide what you want to do and be who you want to be. To be honest many people don’t really care about what you do with your life, they are actually more concerned with what they want to achieve in life. What I am saying may sound like I’m promoting a new year’s resolution of being yourself. But really, that’s not only a new year’s resolution, yet something that can change your entire future.  

I came into the new year with a new head on my shoulders and wanting to pursue my dreams and passions. Last year was a hard year for me as I moved to a new country, started college and there were moments where I was very confused about life. But now I’m taking it step-by-step and day by day to do what makes me happy. 

So regardless of what I have said about me,I want you to spend the new year finding what makes you happy and feel alive! 

Lauren is an international student majoring in Hospitality Management. She is a very interactive, positive and friendly young lady who always gives of her best. She always wears a smile on her face and tries brighten up everyone’s day. She is very passionate about her home country and educating many young people about her beloved country
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