A Sprinkle Of Rejection

This scene looks familiar. It’s a Wednesday night, you're hurdled up on your bed, binge watching another episode of your favorite show on Netflix, all while snacking on a tub of your favorite ice cream while asking yourself “why am I such a failure,” for the second time this month. You’re mopping around like the world has ended because rejection came knocking on your door unexpectedly. 

I get it, you were excited and confident about a job you applied for or confessed your emotions to a person you liked a lot, but everything went left. Those positive emotions left the building once rejection decided to take over, making you feel like you are not enough. I am here to remind you that that feeling is a lie, but it gets the best of all us. While you're sitting there figuring out how to avoid society, remember that people in life do not always have the capacity to see how valuable others are. You should not or ever degrade yourself, because someone told you that you do not fit their standards. 

Before you start falling into a pit of self hate, accept rejection, and move forward. Allow yourself to marinate in your thoughts and emotions, but do not stay there. Do not keep questioning why you are not good enough for a particular job or person. When you keep taking steps forward and think positive about yourself, you receive more than you actually expected. When you are stagnant and focused on the opportunities that missed you, you miss the ones that you are perfect for. I promise you that someone is looking for a person with your special strengths and personality. 

Unexpectedly in this process, rejections teaches you to remain patient. Meaning taking time to practice self confidence, to the point that you are not spending your nights dwelling. You will encounter a handful of people who admire your presence and will see your worth. So reject rejection and do not allow it to control your next choice. Now get up from under the blankets and show the world how valuable you are.