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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

Dear readers,

It’s that time of year when decorations are being set up, fall is in full swing, and there is so much to do before winter rolls in. Even though we live in Florida, seasons appear through climate and in-store products. People are making plans: Halloween costumes, premium fall flavor orders, and of course, study sessions leading up to midterms. Time does fly when you are having fun, as it is the week before Halloween. 

Since the end of September, people have thought about the big question; what are you doing for Halloween? This holiday with spine-shivering origin brings people together and elicits a social buzz. Older generations throw parties, young children fill the streets, and parents patrol the candy baskets. No matter what age you are, costumes are a necessity on October 31st.

Some other fun things to look out for are the Fall-Themed and Spooktacular coffee concoctions found at Dunkin and Starbucks. If you are a coffee junkie, then my friends, this may be your favorite time of year. Chai and pumpkin are fall must-haves! Narrowing it down to October favorites, the Peanut Butter macchiato at Dunkin, paired with a spider or jack-o-lantern donut, talk about mouth-watering perfection! As for Starbucks, the list goes on: Witch’s Brew Creme Frap, Frappula Frap, Zombie Frap, Franken Frap, Dirty Werewolf, Candy Corn Cold Brew, and so many more. The previous list did not consider the copious food options that comprise the menu. Students, my heart goes to you as we near our midterm doom and depend on coffee to pull the notorious late-night study sessions.

Friends and java are your midterm hotline to help with that oozing feeling of stress that seems to be radiating into the atmosphere. Professors are ghosts haunting your GPA, and study sessions seem to be at an all-time high. Luckily, the pain is only temporary as right around the corner is winter break and in between Halloween. Don’t let the weight of classes keep you from having fun and enjoying the little moments in life.

This season has so much to offer, so take it in and let the sensory overload take its complete effect. Plan out your costume, and stay on the study grind to maximize the season and your time!

Andrea Sofia Berman is a creative writer and Education major. She is passionate about children and helping people. She loves to use creativity to express herself, and hopes to spread positivity through writing.