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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

It is easy to get swept up in everything we have to do and simultaneously draining at the same time. Picture this… you are curled up in bed all nice and cozy when reality hits that there is stuff to get done. At that point, your brain is saying, “Do I really need to move or can I cancel my first appointment?” If you are anything like me, my first instinct is to check my phone and see what other people are up to. It is contradictory to my “everybody has a story focus on your philosophy”, but it is a motivator to start doing something with my life and push past that mental slump.

That being said, I am not suggesting that you compare yourself to anyone because it that has never ended well! Amelia Earheart once said, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” Once we commit ourselves to our daily activities, it is up to us to go through with them. Looking at other people’s stories inspires me to get out of bed and create my own, but that is not everyone’s style. To push past the “I’ll do it later” mindset, find what works for you. 

For instance, working out first thing in the morning is not always the easiest thing to do in my opinion or ever really. Some incentivising actions that I put in place to ensure I get my daily activity in is to pull out gym clothes, wear my apple watch, put it in my calendar, and make it a non-negotiable activity. This process can be applied to any action that helps you work towards your goals. Set yourself up for success by taking the first steps to prepare so that if the laziness barrier sets in you can roundhouse kick that out of here. 

If you have already taken the actions necessary for a certain activity, you are less likely to back out at the last minute. There are always extenuating circumstances, but don’t let those be the defaults that hold you back from showing up in life. Even the most successful people know that in order to avoid burnout, you must focus on the end goal. Remember why you are doing what you have set out to do and use that as fire under your butt to get a move on. Laziness will only get you so far whereas accountability will take you down a path of prosperity.

Andrea Sofia Berman is a creative writer and Education major. She is passionate about children and helping people. She loves to use creativity to express herself, and hopes to spread positivity through writing.