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Pro-Sustainability Companies Taking a Stand For The Environment!

Becoming aware of the environment has been a growing development among small, middle, and large-scale companies around the world. The growing trend comes as an awakening brought by a modern era of social responsibility and action toward reversing the man-made damage of the planet. From diminishing waste to finding ways to employ renewable energy, these companies have been able to add a new category under the must-haves for successful corporations in 2021 and beyond, being sustainable. 


Yeah, you read that correctly… Allstate, the insurance company. Although it may seem hard to believe, Allstate has done more for the environment than many of your every-day favorite go-to businesses have ever done, all in its 88 years of business. 

Allstate has brought forward various efforts to reduce their environmental footprint by consolidating office space, lowering emissions, employment of energy-efficient equipment, and systems of waste minimization. Furthermore, they have hopped on the paperless train hoping to diminish their waste of paper along with efforts to reduce plastic waste. 


Okay, so you probably expected this, but I’m still going to gush about how awesome they are. 4ocean is one of the largest forces of ocean cleanup in the United States. The Florida-based company has been able to remove more than seven million pounds of plastic since their beginning in 2017, changing plastic usage habits on land and on water. 4ocean and its team do an amazing job at reaching out to nonprofits, businesses, and governments in order to solidify their change. 


Facebook is part of this wonderful list due to their commitment of reducing their greenhouse gas footprint by 75% and achieving 100% renewable energy power in 2020. Not only is this company a social media giant, but they are also heavily involved in promoting, funding, and participating in sustainability efforts in various forms. They aim to stop climate change as a global community, all taking part in changing to renewable energy before it is too late. 


Patagonia is a company that is broadly known for its sustainability’ focused corporate philosophy. Instead of ridding of their damaged items, they have been able to lower their carbon footprint by building product repair centers! Although many areas of their business need improvement, like many others, Patagonia pledged $10 million of their Black Friday sales to environmental groups centered around preservation. 

All in all, this is just a small number of companies who put their best foot forward to contribute to the global community. Knowing that a company you buy from is helping the environment through your investment is an amazing feeling, and an even better effect on the planet. 

So, next time you buy please keep in mind not only what the company is doing for you… but what it is doing for the planet!

Maite Grullon is a business and creative-oriented writer, currently a Sophomore/Junior majoring in Entrepreneurship at Lynn University under a 3 year intensive program. Maite is a seeker of leadership positions; being Academic Excellence Chair of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, member of the Lynn Leadership Institute, and a Student Admission Ambassador Leadership Team member. Maite holds many passions, ranging from writing to financial projects. However, it is the desire for success that inspires Maite the most.
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