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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

Old money can be described as inherited wealth of established upper-class families. Everyone always talks about “old money” with style, houses, jewelry, and more. It is a term that I feel is coming back around and everyone wants to go back to that time. They want to experience that kind of music, parties, style, and more. So here are some ideas of old money styles and where you can get similar products to fit the old money aesthetics! 


Trousers are a very important part of creating an old money style. They can be worn casually and professionally. They are such a staple for the old money aesthetic and really show power and wealth. Here is a link to a pair of classic cream colored trousers. 


Blazers can be worn to dress an outfit up or worn casually. It really gives a perfect finishing touch for the outfit. It can be worn to elevate a jeans and basic t-shirt outfit, or be worn with a chic knee-length skirt and pull-over for a relaxed look but still looking put together. The key here is to go with an oversized blazer for a more vintage look. Here is a link to a great simple and affixed black blazer. 

Riding Boots 

They are a must have for the Old Money aesthetic. Most people who wore these in that time probably did partake in equestrian themed hobbies but you don’t need to in order to wear them. They are the perfect little touch for a simple jean and t-shirt look. They are also the perfect shoe for fall! Here is a link to an affordable pair that comes in brown and black. 


Sweaters are my personal favorite part of the old money style. I also think they are the most important. The color, fabric, and designs on these sweaters can make any outfit. It can be styled any way by wearing it or by just putting it around your shoulders. This is my favorite part of styling the sweaters. Here is a link to different styles of sweaters. 


Jeans are great for a casual day, but still have that old money aesthetic. Now the perfect jeans for this would be loose, non-ripped jeans. So like a mom jean or a wide leg jean. It is the perfect casual pant while still fitting the aesthetic. Here is a link to a good pair of jeans. 

These are just my recommendations on how to dress the old money aesthetic but on a budget. These can all be interpreted in your own ways but it can be a helpful start to trying to change your style.

Jackie is Senior at Lynn University. She is a Marketing major and has big plans for her future. She enjoys many things like fashion, content creating, and spending time with friends and family. Some of her passions are creating content and fashion. She is also the Marketing Director & President for her chapter. She hopes to have a successful career and a bright future!