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Need new shows to binge? You’ve come to the right place

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.


Emily in Paris 

Emily in Paris is about an American girl from Chicago who goes to Paris when her boss suddenly can’t go. She goes to Paris to teach them about American traditions. What was supposed to be only a short work trip suddenly turns into her staying for a year and making lots of friends and falling in love with the city.

Sebastian Maniscalco Is it Me?

From his show in Las Vegas fresh off his tour. The hilarious Chicago native talks about how his childhood was. What it’s like for his kids now and how it is completely different from when he was growing up. How his wife and him are different when they are ordering at dinner. What happens when his wife and him attend a Broadway show and having to ask other people what is going on and making him more confused.

Chris Rock: selective outrage 

A year after the infamous slap by Will Smith Chris Rock is back doing comedy on the things that have happened to him in his life. How different his kids have it than he did growing up. How companies have changed and what they do for the community rather than what the product they sell. How to become popular on social media and the crazy things that people post for others to like them. As well as topics like having his kids in a fancy private school.

A Perfect Pairing 

A wine executive quits her job with her wine company and decides to start her own. While  figuring out what she has to do to run her own wine business, she travels to Australia and works on one of the best wine companies there, farm hoping to meet her but she will not meet with anyone. She learns what life is like there and makes friends with one of the workers on the farm. 

Falling Inn Love 

A girl wins a New Zealand inn wanting a change she goes there but little does she know when she arrives just how bad the place is.She takes the short time she has to fix up the place and meet the locals along the way who try and help her and learn how different things are there then in America and she just might stay there when the inn is complete.

Katie is a junior at Lynn University. She is originally from New Jersey, She enjoy going to the beach with friends and hanging by the pool. She is a marketing major and has been plans for the future.