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My Top Five Favorite Female Characters: TV Series Edition

Since we recently celebrated International Women’s day by uplifting our beautiful, strong, female friends and family, it is only fair we acknowledge our favorite female fictional TV characters. I would like to share my top five favorite female characters.

Fiona Gallagher (Shameless)

Fiona Gallagher is the perfect example of a strong independent woman. Not only did she raise her siblings but every time she went through challenges she came back stronger and a better person. For example, (spoiler alert!) when she came back from jail and had to restart her life, she not only became the manager of the restaurant “Pasty Pies” but also started a laundromat from scratch and was even a tenant for an apartment building. She did it all!  

Brooke Penelope Davis (One Tree Hill) 

Sophia Bush plays the role of Brooke Davis and when I say I’m obsessed with her character, I mean it! Brooke Davis is my favorite because she started off the show filled with her insecurities and made a few mistakes in high school. Over the seasons we see her character grow into this strong woman who dealt with a lot of drama in her past and she was able to turn it all around for herself. She created her fashion line “Clothes over Bros”, and became the CEO of her company. She also became the Co-owner of “Karen’s Cafe” and become the founder and owner of “Baker Man Clothing”.

Olivia Pope (Scandal)  

Kerry Washington is one of my favorite actresses. She plays the role of Oliva Pope: a badass woman. She not only wears white all day, drinks red wine and has never once spilled it on her clothing, but also helps run the United States President Fitzgerald Grant win office. She then later moved on to her firm called “Olivia Pope & Associates”. Her character is known for fixing people not problems, and that can sometimes take a toll on someone! But Oliva can work it and she does a very beautiful job.  

Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy) 

My favorite Cristina Yang… I don’t even know where to begin. Cristina is confident, driven, and ambitious. She knows herself the best and is not afraid to show off her talent! She has been through it all: Hospital shooting, plane crash, and she was even left at the altar by her first marriage, but each time she rises quickly and does not let her personal life interfere with her work life. Cristina Yang is a perfect example of a strong independent woman who strives to be the best.  

Oliva Benson (Law and Order Special Victims Unit)  

Oliva Benson is my favorite! Oliva is the definition of someone who has been through hell and back yet still finds a way to make a difference in people’s lives. She deals with a lot of sensitive cases and she can help the victim in the best possible solution. Olivia is fierce, independent, and strong!  

There are so many more amazing actresses who play many roles but these are my top five and these specific characters are inspiring to me to become a better person. Each one of them comes from their background of difficulties but they can turn themselves around and be their best version. These characters might be fictional but they are still strong independent women! 

Kayla is currently a Junior at Lynn University majoring in Communications  with a focus on social media. Kayla spends a lot of her time participating in a variety of Lynn’s media outlets. Kayla has co hosted a weekly segment for the Lynn radio and for the past year has been a contributor on Her Campus Lynn social media and wrirting for the magazine.
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