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When watching a TV show there are the characters and couples that you ship them so much, believing they belong together. We have all been there. Everyone has different ships but here are four of my all-time favorite ships! 

P.S.: spoiler alert!

Kara and Monel  

Show: Supergirl 

Kara and Monel first meet in the first episode of season 2 of Supergirl. At first, they didn’t get along but with time they started to become friends and then started to have feelings for each other. This relationship started from enemies to friends to lovers. I believe this couple should have received a happy ending but unfortunately, that did not happen. 

Stiles and Lydia  

Show: Teen Wolf 

Stiles and Lydia have known each other since they were little. Stiles has always had a crush on Lydia. It took seasons for these two characters to get together. All the seasons that they were not together, you could tell they were meant for each other. In the last season of the show they end up together and I couldn’t have been happier. These two are perfect for each other.  

Mary and Francis  

Show: Reign 

Marie and Francis were engaged to each other since they were six. In the beginning, Francis was reluctant to be with Mary as he thought the alliance of their countries would not be good. Francis quickly falls for Mary. Most royal relationships do not actually involve love and happiness, but these two characters were lucky enough to find it with each other.

This couple is my all-time favorite ship, I love their love story. As with every relationship, there are ups and downs, and their relationship definitely had that. It is not easy to rule two countries with the love of your life while people are trying to take you down.  

Sabrina and Nick  

Show: The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina   

When Nick and Sabrina first met, Sabrina had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend did not really accept the fact that she was a witch, but Nick did and he understood her. He has been there for her since the beginning. He sacrificed his life for her (not a lot of people would do that). You need someone that will support you and they both support each other. 

These are four of my all-time favorite TV show ships. These couples have my heart. Each couple is very different and so are their stories but that is what makes them different and unique. 

What are your favorite ships? 

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