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Anna Schultz-Girl Laughing Good Morning Sunshine Yellow And Blue Wall
Anna Schultz-Girl Laughing Good Morning Sunshine Yellow And Blue Wall
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

Have you ever been in a situation that affects you mentally? I believe that we should always take care of our mental health to be happy. Something that has helped me a lot has been always having somebody to talk to. I feel that for me this, has been a very important role in my life since I can connect with people who are going through the same issues and it creates a deep connection as well as a support system. I believe that everybody deserves to feel loved and supported through whatever they are going through. I think that acknowledging your emotions and understanding them is important. I believe that this way you can work on what are your thoughts and think of what you can do to feel better emotionally.  

I believe that nobody should invalidate your feelings because, at the end of the day, your feelings are what can put you in a good mental state or in a bad one. I believe that we perform better in life socially and academically when we are in a good and peaceful mental state of mind. 

I have been in a situation that  affected me emotionally but I had true friends to talk to. We felt related because we were going through the same situation as well. This made me reflect on how sometimes we are so much in our own heads that we don’t realize that other people could be going through hard things as well. 

I think some interesting tips also could be journaling about your thoughts, having a self-care day that is stress-free as well, and meditating. This is why I believe that we should always be kind to each other because you never know what other people could be going through.

Paula is a sophomore. Her major is social entrepreneurship.