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Making a Career: Fashion Industry Boss

The world of fashion and glamour is a top-seeked career for many young creatives, particularly with interest in beauty, style, and setting global trends. For fashion majors and those seeking a career in the world of wearable art, it takes much more than artistic ability to thrive. To succeed there needs to be a thorough combination of drive, passion, visionary skills, and consistency, which has been the formula to global recognition for many brands. Whether you want to be a fashion designer, stylist, fashion director, art director or textile designer, the fashion industry stands out due to its limitless possibilities and continuous growth in demand. Fashion creates and eliminates trends, along with revolutionizing global style and individuality. The best way to understand how a career in fashion may develop is to hear it from the source. In the following read, Kelly Webb, as a current fashion major and all-around fantastic artist, can provide essential insight and tips for those pursuing a career in this marvelous field, its highs and lows, and her experience. 

Spreading Your Wings

Before one starts to jump and imagine how to find inspiration or purpose within your career, one must understand what is essential in pursuing a fashion-oriented future. When asked the question “What is a staple step in beginning a fashion career?”, Webb responded with some refreshing insight. She explains how beginning a career within this industry will be difficult and challenging in many ways, leading you to decide whether this pursuit is truly your passion and drive. In her personal experience, she turned to blogging and creating in order to understand how other established designers began their journeys and learn from their inspirations. Blogging not only allowed her to gain insight into the fashion industry, but also helped find her niche (what intrigues her personally vs. what doesn’t). Kelly Webb ends her response with great insight by saying “You don’t have to be able to draw or sew to become successful in the fashion industry, but it is important to have a huge imagination with endless possibilities.” 

What Do You Seek?

After learning the basis of a career in fashion came the question “What do you seek out of a fashion career?”, to which Webb shows to have a clear understanding of what her professional goals are and how to achieve these. Being a fashion student, she has worked to gain knowledge necessary to be successful within the industry, with goals of working with high-caliber brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel or Dior as these brands have left iconic legacies that will continue for generations to come. It is evident through her specificity that it is imperative to know not only what you want to achieve in the short run, but compose a series of professional goals that correlate to what you wish to gain from your fashion career. As a fashion student, she seeks to have her own self-made brand and see her designs strut flawlessly down the world’s largest runways. Pursuing a career in fashion furthers Kelly Webb’s abilities of being creative, building her confidence, and enabling her to own a business mentality within a creative world. 

Tips For a Fashion Pursuant

Here’s the part you’re all here for, tips and advice from someone fighting the fight. There’s no better way to move forward in a career path than listening to creatives who are currently working their hardest and thriving within the field, and that’s when Kelly Webb comes in. As a piece of advice for a possible fashion career pursuant she says “I would say work extremely hard, be consistent and always have fun with it. Fashion is a career where you love what you do when you work. You need to make sure your passion is being ignited in your craft. Fashion is an opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences, make the most of it.” Personally, I could not have said it better myself.  

Finding Inspiration

Finally on the checklist is finding inspiration, one of the most important parts of being a working creative and finding your personal style. Although you may be inclined to go the opposite way and stress on discovering your style without inspiration (although very hard!) It is essential that you find a baseline or foundation for what you envision yourself creating and what you don’t like for your developing brand. Kelly Webb shares her way of finding inspiration for her own incredible artwork as describes finding inspiration in various influencers she followed on social media, specifically Instagram. By saving and discovering various interesting ideas through her social media platforms, she is able to take inspiration from her surroundings along with her international and local travel photography. Having developed makeup skills throughout her years, she finds plenty of inspiration in various beauty looks she creates. Additionally, Webb finds immense inspiration in her impressive collection of vintage magazines as she collects Vogue issues!  

The world of fashion and design is marvelous and intriguing for many, known to be one of the–if not the most–creative career fields. Like many professions, this comes with a vast amount of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and creativity. Ultimately, finding inspiration and comprehending the difficulty of differentiating oneself in a saturated market are is great points of focus when starting your career or studies in fashion and design. Kelly Webb has been able to provide insight into an ever-growing field, along with including personal advice and experience; a beneficial point of view for all fashion-forward readers. 

I wish you nothing but success in your Fashion Boss career and cannot wait to see Kelly Webb’s and all your designs down the runway.  

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Maite Grullon is a business and creative-oriented writer, currently a Sophomore/Junior majoring in Entrepreneurship at Lynn University under a 3 year intensive program. Maite is a seeker of leadership positions; being Academic Excellence Chair of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, member of the Lynn Leadership Institute, and a Student Admission Ambassador Leadership Team member. Maite holds many passions, ranging from writing to financial projects. However, it is the desire for success that inspires Maite the most.
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