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An International College Student Perspective During COVID-19

When I was little I used to watch movies that showed how the transition to college was. It looked like so much fun and I imagined myself multiple times being in that position. Eight years later it was finally my time, but it definitely wasn’t like what movies portrayed. I had to enter college during one of the most difficult years in history due to COVID-19. 

My first obstacle started with traveling. Coming from Managua, Nicaragua, I had to get into a two-hour plane to finally land in the place my university is located. Due to the pandemic, price rates started to rise and I was unable to fly, which made me start college remotely. Despite this, I still took advantage and met several of my classmates through classes, Facebook, group chats, and more. Definitely, a different but still fun way to engage with others! My professors were welcoming, nice, and even though I was remote I still felt like I was sitting in the classroom. 

Three months later, I finally arrived at college. I can’t describe the excitement of my first day as I organized my room. I felt as if I finally made it, and the best years of my life were about to start. However, I didn’t realize how affected I was going to be because I was international and I didn’t have my family close to me. I started to feel homesick for several weeks and I wished I could go back home. Not having physical events to meet with others due to COVID-19 was difficult for me. I felt I had no friends and I didn’t like the idea of being alone. But as time passed, I started to get adapted to a new lifestyle. From a difficult time, I got so many positive things. Not only I became a more independent person, but I became stronger and learned to appreciate my time alone. 

Now, you should be asking yourselves: why is she telling all this? I am here to tell you that hard times will always approach you, whether you are an international college student entering college, or you just had a relationship breakup. I understand the endless pain you feel. But let me tell you: that pain is temporary, it is going to end. And when it ends, it will bring you so many good things to your life because you didn’t only go through a difficult time but you became stronger, independent, and a better woman.

Cinthia is a Sophomore at Lynn University majoring in Graphic Design. Originally from Nicaragua, Cinthia decided to study in the United States while remaining in close proximity to her native country; thus, she chose to pursue her education in Florida. In the future, she aims to represent the visual identity of different brands and organizations. Besides her academic interests, Cinthia enjoys photography and hanging out with friends.
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