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I’m Never Going To The Club Again!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

“I’m never going to the club again!” is what I thought after going for the first time this past summer with my friends. It’s not because something happened, or because I didn’t like the atmosphere, it was because I learned a lesson that would stick with me forever. 

It was a Saturday and I was super excited to go hang out with my friends and go to the club. It was my very first time. I knew what to expect from hearing both crazy and not crazy stories from my friends from school about their experiences. It always seems like a wild time and something to laugh about with your pals later. I was planning on going with my best friend from high school, Evelyn and her friend Sophia. I had been daydreaming about what I was planning on wearing that whole day. I had recently gotten a cropped, pink, long sleeve shirt from Aeropostale that I thought would be perfect for the occasion. The plan was to get dressed and do makeup at Sophia’s house before leaving. She had never put eyeliner on before and wanted to give it a try. Evelyn gave her tips on how to do the perfect wing while I was on stand by just in case Sophia needed some help. After we finished our makeup, we left. 

When we got there I was a little surprised. The vibe of the place was exactly what I expected. It was dark, people were screaming over the music trying to hear themselves talk, and letting loose on the dance floor. That last part will come into play later. I looked around and noticed the big screens at the front playing music videos to go along with the song that was on. People were really getting into it. There were circles of friends and couples showing off their moves! It was hard to find room to stand because of this and I didn’t want to get elbowed in the face. It reminded me of prom from high school because after a while, the three of us realized it was not our scene at all. But we didn’t leave. 

Next, an announcer came on stage and told the crowd that three dancers would come on stage and perform for us. I thought it was going to be like in the movies at burlesque shows but it was more tamer than that. The women took off their shirts and shorts to reveal different patterned lingerie sets with rhinestones. They walked around blowing kisses, winking, and sometimes even doing tricks on a bar. The best part was when she called a woman up to the stage that she knew was getting married soon and gave her a lap dance! 

The next fews days were fine, but by Wednesday I wasn’t feeling well. I had a headache and a runny nose. My parents decided to test me for COVID-19 since I was around a lot of people, and I tested positive. I was freaking out knowing how serious it was. The next couple of days would be hard but not that bad. I stayed in my room, and my mom would make me breakfast, lunch, and dinner, leaving it outside my door. I watched Netflix and studied for an exam while I was in isolation. “How long is this  going to last?” I kept asking myself. My symptoms lasted a total of 6 days. By Monday I felt fine and back to normal. I was excited to be back in the world again, and be able to go to all of my favorite places. That Friday, my mom even surprised me with a trip to Disney, splitting our day up going to Epcot in the morning, and Magic Kingdom at night for the second half. It was a good end of a hard week. 

I learned something about myself through this experience. Even though I was extremely careful being around people, you can still catch COVID-19. I always remember to wash my hands and to wear a mask when in close proximity with others. I learned that it doesn’t matter how careful you are, you can still catch COVID-19. Since then, I haven’t been to a club since but maybe someday I will go again. Who knows where our lives will take us. 

Lily de Rooij is a senior this year at Lynn University. She love the connections and memories she has been able to make throughout the years here at HC. Her favorite part about being on the team, is coming up with new social media ideas and posts.