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Now that summer is coming, we should take advantage of all the time available to positively impact our lives. Developing healthy habits is essential in maintaining a good lifestyle. But you may ask yourself: how can I start developing healthy habits? 


Planning is essential to stay focused on your goals. This is why you must plan your day by day in order to guide yourself in what you want to accomplish. You can either do this on your phone, computer, or a physical agenda. It depends on your preference whether you want to plan your day through an online calendar or DIY your own physical agenda. If you feel more of being creative this video will guide you in how to create your own planner.

Stay Active

Having physical activity is important for your health and body. Try to maintain yourself active all day. Even though you don’t workout, try to move around your area. For example, if your building has an elevator, use the stairs instead.

Don’t Confuse Relaxation With Unproductiveness

It's okay to take breaks and spend time for yourself. However, don’t create the habit of spending too much time for yourself. For example, if you spend all day watching netflix then you haven’t been productive. So it’s okay to take a break or two but don’t take advantage of this and create the bad habit of not doing anything just to relax all day. 

Do It With Joy

Whatever you are trying to change in your life must be something you enjoy doing. Your mindset will affect your changes in your life. Because of this, you must develop a lifestyle that will suit who you are. If not, nothing will really change because you are not doing it with intention. 

Be Accountable

Think of this in the long-term. Developing healthy habits is important for who you are going to be in the future. Do this for yourself and your future. Reflect on your actions and based on this you can either reward yourself or make a change to be more responsible. 

Remember, your decisions today will impact your tomorrow! Start working now on creating healthier habits to develop a better lifestyle.

Cinthia is a Sophomore at Lynn University majoring in Graphic Design. Originally from Nicaragua, Cinthia decided to study in the United States while remaining in close proximity to her native country; thus, she chose to pursue her education in Florida. In the future, she aims to represent the visual identity of different brands and organizations. Besides her academic interests, Cinthia enjoys photography and hanging out with friends.
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