How To Build The Perfect Vegan Beauty Routine

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the mindsets of many individuals have shifted towards leading to a healthier lifestyle. Director of WGSN, Jenni Middleton says “people will shun animal-derived ingredients as they now understand the zoonotic origins of coronavirus, and want to turn to nature’s apothecary to provide tried, tested and time-honored beauty and wellness solutions”.

Veganism often relates to changing your diet to plant-based alternatives. However, if you can’t face the idea of substituting cheese or chocolate for a vegan alternative, maybe you can start by changing your beauty routine.

There has never been a better time to switch up your makeup routine or give veganism a shot! Especially with the large community of vegan beauty brands, products and treatments available. A helpful tip when shopping for makeup products in the U.S. or Canada is to look for the Leaping Bunny trademarks that are located on any vegan items. Avoid makeup items that have been tested on animals, or ingredients like beeswax, carmine, allantoin, gelatin, honey, lanolin, squalene or ambergris.  

Here’s my guide to changing up your basic makeup routine to a vegan-friendly beauty routine. After all, there is no planet B. 

  1. 1. Vegan Hair Care 

    Current shampoos and conditioners already contain biotin, keratin, beeswax and gelatin which are animal-derived ingredients. Most hair care products are also tested on animals, so it may be difficult at first to find vegan-friendly hair care products. It’s important to think about the earth and its animals while searching for products that enhance the silkiness of your hair as well as assist in the color.  

    Vegan hair care brands to look for are: Bleach London, Aesop, IGK Hair, Virtue, Beachwaver, Made for Life Organics, Noughty and Evolve Organic Beauty.  

  2. 2. Stop Purchasing Mink False Lashes 

    False lashes are always a way to enhance your glam makeup look! Unfortunately, most eyelash brands use mink fur to produce their products. As consumers, we need to end the animal cruelty right now and opt for fur-free lashes. Beauty brands such as Huda Beauty, Velour Lashes, Charlotte Tilbury and e.l.f Cosmetics have false lashes that are fur-free!

  3. 3. Vegan Oils And Serums 

    Woman is putting oil on her skin while next to a candle and flowers

    Some of our hydrating oils and moisturizers contain oil that may be derived from the livers of sharks… who would know, right?! Beauty brands such as Drunk Elephant, bareMinerals, Tata Harper and most Dermalogica products, are vegan options. A personal recommended product is Drunk Elephants “Lala Retro Whipped Cream” for $60!  

  4. 4. Smell Good While Saving The Environment 

    Perfume 1

    Current perfumes contain ingredients like ambergris, which derives from whale intestines or musks taken from deer, beaver, civet cat and otter genitals. Luckily, a variety of vegan-friendly perfume brands have risen over the recent years. Brands like Le Labo, Eden and Chantecaille.  

  5. 5. Don't Forget The Eyeshadow!

    As much as we really want to purchase the most shimmery eyeshadow colors, that is where the most problems lie. The ingredients are taken from pearls, oysters or mussels. Try out brands like CoverGirl, Urban Decay, Morphe and Milk for animal-cruelty alternatives. A recommended favorite is Urban Decay’s “Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette”. If you really love your shimmer shadows, I suggest taking a look at Lime Crime’s “Chocolate Diamond Liquid Eyeshadow in Sparkling Bronze”.

With all these products widely available and most products reasonably-affordable, there is no excuse as to why you can’t veganize your beauty routine! Like I said, there is no planet B - so why rely on products that will not only benefit you but benefit the world too?