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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

Shoes are a practical part of life, but they can also be sexy. From running shoes to high heels, there is a shoe for every purpose and person. Carl Jung once said, “The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all people.” In the same sense that no people have exactly the same characteristics, no two women have precisely the same height.

Sarah Jessica Parker revolutionized the stiletto, and every woman loves a good pair of shoes. Tall women can appreciate flats because it makes them feel comfortable with their height; other women can marvel at the magic of feeling taller with a fabulous pair of stilts. Confidence does not come from external factors rather a feeling from within that spreads and radiates. 

With a little fashion push, any woman can be beautiful. Just like every person has a soulmate, every woman has a shoe that is their magic wand. Height is not just an aspect of vanity; it represents a different perspective. When women feel taller, it is a source of empowerment. Energy is emitted that creates an attraction, and women feel like they can take on the world. People often joke that men lie about their height, and women are often too tall in comparison.

The truth is, women like to be admired and look glamorous. In today’s world, the first thing we notice about a person is what we see. Deception is possible with cosmetics and fashion. The right shoes paired with the right outfit is like pairing wine and cheese; the perfect combination. In the same way that fine dining fools your tastebuds, the right look can play tricks on your eyes.

Beauty is pain and the pressure to fit in is one of immense proportions. High Heels, when worn for a long time, can feel like a spike running through your foot; when someone is willing to endure the pain that a sexy shoe can cause, it is justification enough that beauty can go a long way.

Andrea Sofia Berman is a creative writer and Education major. She is passionate about children and helping people. She loves to use creativity to express herself, and hopes to spread positivity through writing.