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Five Easy Halloween Costumes on a Budget 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

It’s that time of the year and we are all ready to get creative with our Halloween Costumes. Some of us don’t like to spend much on costumes when we are only using it one time and never again. You don’t have to spend too much to have a nice Halloween costume. All you need is your creativity and I will help you with that. Here are some ideas on costumes that you will probably find in your closet. 

1. Velma

For this Halloween costume, all you need is an orange sweater and a red skirt (or shorts). If you don’t have a red skirt there is a higher chance you have a black skirt in your closet that you can wear. Also, you can always accessorize by adding reading glasses and orange socks you can buy anywhere that won’t be expensive. 


For Workout Barbie, you can look for a workout top and shorts in your closet, or you can use a swimsuit as your top. For accessories, you can use a belt around your waist, wear a pair of leg warmers or fishnet tights. You can get creative with the color combinations and choose however you want to match your costume with bright colors. 


Pirate costumes are very trendy right now and easy to create. You will need a white flowy dress or a white shirt, and if you don’t have one you can always borrow from your father. You will also need black bottoms and boots that could be either black or brown. For accessories, you can wear a belt and a bandana in your head. 


We have all been obsessed with Wednesday Addams for the past year and it is a very easy costume to build. All you need is a black dress or a black and white polka dot dress and a white shirt to wear underneath. You will also need white socks which we all have in our closets and simple black shoes. To make it more precise you can style your hair in two braids. 


The Kim Possible character has been trending for a while now and it has never gone out of style. The statement piece will be your green cargo pants, you can pair it with a black top and black boots. For accessories, you can use a brown belt and black gloves. And if you want to go further with the outfit, you can use a ginger wig just like Kim Possible’s hair color.

This is Arianne, she is from Peru. She is a junior at Lynn University majoring in International Business. She really enjoys to hangout with friends, read and travel. A fun fact about Arianne is that she loves to dance!