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Finding a Self-Care Balance: Working Hard Without Overworking

Dear readers,

We all reach a point in our lives where our work and self-care converge. Working hard can take you far in life, but not at the expense of sacrificing your health and relaxation. In science, the state of homeostasis is constantly referenced; it applies to more than just that topic, and relates to life in general. Everything requires a balance including work and play. Let’s start by defining what a healthy work life is.

To be in a state of intense contraction is known as the “zone.” It is in that bubble of focus (the flow) that the most work gets accomplished. There are many ways to reach that level of productivity, and the key is knowing which one works best for you. Some people prefer to tune out the world with music or background noise while others like the deafening silence. Whatever it is that helps you focus, when enough effort is put towards a task then it will be accomplished effectively. Even in the zone, people can only take on so much before they start to tire and be in the need of a break. 

The human body depends on the ability to maintain at ease with itself and the stresses from the environment. It is crucial to listen to your body because it gives you signs that something is wrong. When you are at the point of exhaustion or being overworked, your body starts to lose its defenses. However, there are ways to avoid a weakening immune system; one of which includes rest and recreational activities. When you find a hobby or an activity you are passionate about, it can become a way to detox from the daily work mill. 

Flow is not forced, it is created. When you think about a time that you were at the apex of productivity, what did you do to get there? Sometimes, the ways we get to the destination are equally as important as the endpoint itself. When you know how to get yourself motivated, then success becomes routine. No one knows you better than yourself, and that is how working hard is part of self-care.

Self-care is equally as important as work. Nobody can function if they do not care about their health. If work is your main priority and you are sacrificing fun, sleep, or meals then a major reevaluation is in order. 

Self-Care is a priority and necessity

 —not a luxury—  

in the work that we do.


Andrea Berman

Andrea Sofia Berman is a creative writer and Education major. She is passionate about children and helping people. She loves to use creativity to express herself, and hopes to spread positivity through writing.
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